Sunday, April 19, 2009

False lashes

Price: $19.90 per box. You can get them at this website:

1. Remove the lashes gently by holding on to the lash gently and pulling downwards in the direction of the fine hairs. Be careful not to exert too much force.
2. Shape the lashes slightly by giving it a slight bend for 10 times.
3. Place the lashes over your eyelids, measure and cut off the excess at both ends of the eye lid.
4. Apply eyeliner to the eye lids before setting the false lashes.
5. Curl your real lashes with a lash curler
6. Apply about a 0.1cm thick lash glue on the fake lash roots. Wait till its semi dry before you set it in.
7. With a pincer or your fingers. Fix the lashes onto the middle of your eyelids and adjust left and right accordingly.
8. Use a cotton bud for some fine adjustment as well as to tidy the lashes.
9. After the lashes aredone, draw the eyeline with an eyeliner to reduce the effects of the glued seams and its done.

Storing and maintaning your lashes
Gently use your fingers to remove the lashes from the box. DO not hold one to 1 - 3 tiny hair and forcefully pull. It'll damage the lashes.
To recycle the lashes. Please ensure that the glue is completely rinsed off, dried and place back into the box neatly.
Please take caution not to powder or contact your false lashes with eyeshadows or eye liners, this will cause damage and dirty the false lashes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hyper-Stay Mascara Deep Trick Curl Long from Fasio

This is a great mascara for people with short lashes! The new Deep Trick Powder formula produces deep and lush color that intensively amplifies lashes.The unique Perfect-Catch Comb captures lashes from the base and coats the extension fiber evenly, creating long and beautiful lashes without clumping.The tiny applicator enables you to reach out to the roots of your lashes, coating every single lash. Angle the brush a little to reach those hard-to-reach side lashes to achieve that seductive cat eye look. The applicator is also small enough for the lower lashes as well.
Price S$21.90

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