Monday, May 19, 2008

Please help the victims of china earthquake!

 I've been very sad & down for the past week because of this disaster ! Was passing all this area last year when I'm on my way to "Jiu Zhai Gou" ! Not sure how are all this people that I've met & all the lovely children? Just pray that they're ok (which I don't think so!!!) 
Please! Please! If you can please help those who need our help now! 
(Pic 1. The lovely children on their way to school)
(Pic 2. Some village people selling fruits on the road side)  

Donations for China Disaster

1. 新加坡佛教居士林

电话: 67372630 or log on

Cash/Walk-in Donations or Cheque.

地址: 17/19 Kim Yam Road (Near River Valley)

BUS: 32, 195

2. 新加坡红十字会 (Singapore Red Cross

电话: 6334-9152/53 or email:

UOB Internet Banking via

地址: 15 Penang Lane

BUS: 7, 14, 124, 174, 175, 502

3. 新加坡中国大使馆

地址: 新加坡东陵路150号

自动咨询电话:6479 3250,6479 5910,6479 2353

Log on:

Bank of China Singapore Branch


Address: 150 Tanglin Road

BUS: 111,132


“Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund -- Chinese Embassy”。


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Neostrata Bionic Face Serum

Was doing makeup for Media corp artist Ms Jacelyn Tay yesterday for a TVC  about this NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum. Hence have the chance to try this product as well, which I found really interesting & will like to share it to everyone!
Can find more detail at their website :

Bionic Face Serum (30ml)

An intensive age-defying treatment product formulated with 10% Lactobionic Acid with Vitamins A, C and E to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also suitable for use on stressed skin around the eyes, and on the cheeks, forehead and lip area. An ideal adjunctive therapy when undergoing superficial peels, microdermabrasions or laser procedures or for those using topical treatments such as retinoids, etc. that can result in dry, sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IPSA The Time Reset!

Lots of ladies in Singapore don't use beauty essence! 
Ipsa - The Time Reset - Is targeting that purest skin at birth! Aim at a baby fresh skin! 
This is a medicated brightening essence that creates bright, translucent skin rich in moisture. Creates an artificial skin barrier on the skin surface to prevent moisture evaporation and increase moisture deep inside the skin. [Contains Double Barrier Actor II, an ingredient for preventing rough skin.]Also controls melanin production to prevent the development of dark spots and freckles for translucent skin with moisture. [Contains m-Tranexamic acid, a medicated brightening ingredient.] For women of all skin type & ages, who desire the moisturized skin fill with resilience & softness that they had when they were born!   
Comes in two size ... For 30ml - S$131.00 & 50ml S$193.00. 
For more information call Tangs tel:(65) 62382000                                            

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dior Capture Totale High Definition Serum Foundation.

Was using this foundation during my Dior workshop last month & found it quite good!!
"A lightweight anti age foundation which will help to corrects all signs of aging!"
With Capture Totale technology(Alpha Longoza & Centuline) that helps to deeply correct all signs of aging for skin that is visibly smoother,firmer & more radiance. Liquid Crystal pigments composed of multi-layers, they express a palette of shades infinitely wider, deeper & more realistic then the 4 classic pigments usually used in foundation. Instantly, the complexion is evened out giving the impression of light from within. 

clinique Derma White brightening essence!

 Was talking about this whitening product on radio UFM1003 with DJ Anna Lim last friday & lots of people have SMS to the radio station & ask about detail.....
I discovered this product on Spring issue of Taiwan magazine "女人我最大". They've this new force of brightening powered by Clinique's intensified Black-Out Yeast Complex. Helps visibly diminish the look of dark spots while preventing new ones from surfacing. Advanced antioxidants keeps skin-darkening environmental irritants at bay. Do remember to layer this with sunblock as the last steps of your skin care routine!!!
Retail price S$110 at all Clinique counter.   

Saturday, May 3, 2008


曾被邀请上过u频道第一缉的“女人香”,介绍了韩国火红的BB cream!
很多时后当我们这些被“邀请”的嘉宾上节目时,是免费的!一分钱 也没有!可能电视台会认为他们可是为你”宣传“! 当然我们是非常感激!但,必竟我们也得付出我们最好的一面和努力!


上星期很荣兴的,我又被邀请上这个节目,但制做单位要我向各大化妆品牌“借”最新一季的口红,因为这期的主题是“柔美女性”。说老实的,要我向各大化妆品牌借东西是没问题的,只是制做单位在上星期五才通知我,而节目又是在来临的星期五开拍,要知道各大化妆品牌星期六和星期天office是没开的,而刚好这星期四又是捞动节,我只能在星期一才能联络各大化妆品牌,而他们也得要有时间送化妆品来才行,并且,并不是每个化妆品牌最新一季的产品都到新加坡了,  刚好我星期一和二又忙。
最后的办法就是向百货公司借,但是百货公司通常还没有最新一季的化妆品,我只好另想法子,兴亏我知道百货公司有最近欧美流行的“矿物化妆品Mineral makeup”,因此我就建议制做单位,这缉的“柔美女性”就介绍“矿物化妆品Mineral makeup”好吗?

很高兴的制做单位答应了,但问题又来了,百货公司要求电视台能否在节目播出时,公布“化妆品是百货公司提供的?电视台制做单位回应说只能在节目尾端放所为的"rolling credit",并且也只能公布百货公司的名字,而不能说“化妆品由百货公司提供”,并且还说他们从来没有这样的惯例。我心在想,这个节目都在介绍不同的东西,理应帮忙通融通融嘛!他们在制做节目的时后,有没 有想到,我们所付出的时间,精神和努力的想把节目做得更好呢?


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