Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tinted Moisturizer in a Compact and Honey Lip Lacquer from Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 20
This is a cult Laura Mercier's product in a compact form with total of twelve shades from Porcelain to Moccha.
Honey Lip Lacquer - High shine, long lasting water proof lip lacquer made with pure manuka honey. The shades are - Aurora, Valencia, Cardinal, Cienna, Gamay, Ruby & Dolcetto.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Estee Lauder 2012 fall collections - Violet Underground.

This collection is a fusion of the street chic, underground style and the luxury of couture, which translates into a beautiful jewel-toned palette for eyes and lips. The collection includes:

Violent Underground, which features a rich mix of violet, fuchsia, crimson, pale pink and matte black shades.

Punker Black, a dramatic black ink shade, it glides on smoothly and easily thanks to its marker-like tip.

Extreme Black permanent mascara.

Black Cassis - matte, deep wine and Violet Crush - matte violet.

Chaotic Currant - deep plum wine and Rebellious Violet - dazzling violet.

Black Iris - violet.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Diorskin Nude foundation

This cult fluid is the essential item on every backstage makeup artist's table and is their secret for creating the enhances nude look envied by all. In 2012, this light fluid acquires a new subtle velvet finish that blends into the skin, to deliver just the right amount of coverage without masking the skin's texture. This creates a shine-free, natural glow with an idealized bare skin effect. Women who dream of perfect skin texture and a radiant complexion need look no further, this is the must-have product! Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation is S$70, Dior Nude Compact is S$90.
Dior Nude Shimmer is a magical powder that features a subtle blend of fine micro-pearlizers in a transparent base. Dusted lightly onto the contours of the face, professional style, it captures maximum light, and provides the wet and 'glowy' nude effect every women dreams of having. Nude shimmer is the ultimate signature product of Nude skin-glow makeup 2012 vibrant, vivid and right on trend. Price at S$70.00.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mentholatum Lip Pure lip balm

This is a fragrance free with 100% food grade natural plant ingredients lip balm! Love the great smooth texture that immediately penetrate into the lips, almost like using moisturizer on the skin! With no preservatives and colorants, this Lip Pure lip balm is great for women who have dry chapped lips yet can’t live without strong colored lipsticks. You can apply Lip Pure lip balm before you start doing your makeup, by the time you apply your lipstick, the lipstick color glides on smoothly! Mentholatum Lip Pure retail at S$7.90 each at Watson, Guardian, Fairprice and all major supermarkets and departmental stores.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Mist from Hada Labo

This is a fine facial mist contains three excellent hydrating ingredients -Hyaluronic Acid, Super Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Hyaluronic Acid that deeply penetrates the skin to restore critical moisture lost. Easily absorbed, leaves skin feeling soft and supple, low irritation, free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant. Price at $17.90 for a 45ml bottle.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

I normally used an eye base before applying eyeshadow as it will helps to intensify the eyeshadow color yet more lasting! This lightweight eye primer from NARS is the inside trick of the trade, creating a seamless canvas that keeps cream and powder color looking brilliant, fresh and just-applied all day long. A polymer and mineral-powder blend establishes a firm grip on color ensuring hours and hours of gorgeous wear. Fortified with a special deep-sea extract and antioxidant rice extract, the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base dries on contact and keeps the delicate eyelid smooth and prepared for color application. Extends the wear of eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil, maximizes color intensity and dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shiseido Maquillage Fall 2012 colors

Shiseido Maquillage Fall 2012 True Eye Shadow palette. This new range of eyeshadow color is an essential palette that'll enhance your natural beauty with minimal technique for blending and illuminates eyes upon application - complete with complementary earthy tones.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dr G Super Aquasis

Gowoonsesang Cosmetics (CEO: Dr. Gun Young, Ahn) has made its official launch of ‘Dr G Super Aquasis Line’ which offers sustainable moisturizing to renew your skin’s vitality by providing unique Aqua energy to skin. Newly launched ‘Dr G Super Aquasis Line’ of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics introduces Dr G 3-step Aqua Building System (Step.1: Unlock moisture supply path, Step.2: Provide moisture, Step.3: Apply protective moisture film) to make a healthy and watery-elastic skin through the solution for fundamental skin concern - dehydration. Gowoonsesang ‘Dr G Super Aquasis Line’ contains Opuntia Coccinelifera Fruit Extract, Argan Oil, and Marine Water to provide sufficient moisture into the skin to soothe flaky keratin, and contains Crystal Moisture Seed, which has a similar structure to dermal phospholipid, to provide a water-retaining protective film on skin, and keep your skin feels moisturized for long. Also its containing Abyssine protects the skin from outer harmful environments while soothing the irritated and flushed skin by strong UV rays. Gowoonsesang Cosmetic ‘Dr G Super Aquasis Line’ offers uniquely magnificent refreshment and moisture as the water drop bursts on skin, leading to naturally clear and moisturized skin. The full line-up of Gowoonsesang Aquasis Line is comprised of Toner, Ample, and Cream. Dr G is available exclusively at SaSa Cosmetics in Singapore.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aquataenia Mermaid eyeshadow palette from Lime Crime

Is so hard to find really neon colored eyeshadows! Just saw this at www.limecrimemakeup.com. Aquataenia mermaid palette shimmer pressed eyeshadow is completely "pearlescent. Each oceanic shade is loaded with shimmer & glitter particles to create a wet, glistening effect reminiscent of a mermaid's tail under the moonlight and makes your eyelids sparkle like the sea! Can be used in eyes or cheeks. Price at US$34.99

Sunday, July 15, 2012

GIGAWHITE Supreme White Radiance Treatment from SUISSE PROGRAMME

In 28 days, your dull skin will transform to flawless with translucent glow, stimulates Collagen renewal to attain glowing and youthful skin. GIGAWHITE Supreme White Radiance Treatment contains high concentration of Vitamin C, Gigawhite Complex and Triple Radiance Complex which can remove the dead skin and allows the whitening ingredients to penetrate into skin, stops the forming of melanin to reduced spots and also tightens the skin. SUISSE Programme is available exclusively at Sasa Singapore.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Trussardi Uomo and Donna

These two latest Trussardi Uomo and Trussardi Donna fragrances were specially created for strong-willed, sensuous modern men and women. For Trussardi Uomo, the powerful top notes are an italian blend of Lemon and Bergamot combined with Galbanum that leads to a heart of Violet and Geranium. Clary Sage adds a touch of sophistication that is enchanted by luxurious leather and heady Patchouli. As for Trussardi Donna, a luminous fruity aura based on the vivacious citrus notes of zesty Yuzu and slightly tart Citron. Its vibrant freshness is attenuated by the dewy accents of water Fruits. The delicate overtones of white flowers in the heart notes reveals a lovely woman with simple beauty. Cheery, light Orange Blossoms blend with chic Jasmine Tea and ethereal Water Lilies. Intense woody undertones in the dry down make Trussardi Donna irresistibly sexy. The combination of sensuous White Patchouli, intense Cedar Wood and creamy Sandalwood creates a surprising layered effect. Warm, golden Vanilla adds a seductive touch. These two Trussardi Uomo and Donna fragrances are now available at Sasa stores.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clarins Autumn 2012 Makeup collection - Ombre Minerale

Mineral Eyeshadow Smoothing and Long-lasting - Can be use either wet or dry with either matte, satin, pearl & shimmer different finished.

3-Dot Liner - This is a unique-point applicator effectively fills the space between lash "dot by dot", giving the illusion of fuller looking lash line.

Colour Accents Face & Brush Palette( Limited Edition)
Rouge Prodige Lipstick - 132 Spiced Orange, 133 Fig, 134 Pink & 135 Dark Cherry.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sisley Eau Efficace Gentle Make-up Remover for face and eyes

In a single step, it covers - the daily eye map-up removal + cleanse + tone ritual - and provides optimum care with natural, feel-good botanical active ingredients : Shikakai extract - used in india for its cleansing and beautifying virtues. Desert Date Palm extract - called "soap" in Chad, frown in tropical Africa. Gypsophile extract and Vitamins for the well-being, comfort and beauty of skin. Soothing Linden water with mild, honey fragrance. Softening natural Apha-Bisabolol. Moisturizing D-Panthenol(pro-Vitamin B5). Toning Neroli extract with sweet, floral notes. Suitable for all skin types. Apply to the whole face using cotton wool pad, repeat until all make-up has been removed including the eyes and lips make-up. Eau Efficace Gentle Make-up Remover will be launch in Oct 2012 price at $140.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimizer.

Another amazing skin care product from Sisley! With Java tea ;eat extract, a new ingredients from Sisley, regulates hyperseborrhea. Pores are purified and less visible, skin surface is more regular and even. Lots of people didn't even know that from the age of 40, age-induced skin slacking aggravates pore deformation. Year after year, the accumulation of nucleated cells around the pores causes their walls to become rigid and prevents them from closing again and they appear hollow and deformed. A new active ingredient from Sisley, green Lentil extract, rich in oligosaccharides, re-establishes the normal process of cell differentiation and improves cell turnover by slowing down pore deformation and preventing pores from becoming distorted. On top of this, extract of peptidic Soy which is included in the formula, stimulates Collagen synthesis, at the same time extract of white Willow delivers an anti-elastase and anti-collagenase action. Applied like a serum once or twice a day, alone or before usual skincare. The amount can be adjusted for a greater blending effect and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimizer will be launched in September 2012 and the price is S$250 at all Sisley beauty counter in Singapore.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Full Ampoule

This milky liquid ampoule is made up of diminutive molecules that enable it to weave in between tight binding cells. Dehydrated skin revitalises and the skin firms up and plumps up just like how your thirst quenches with a bottle of water. Love the non-oily/sticky feeling yet great moisturizing effect!

With Phragmites Communis Extract to prevent pre-mature aging by protecting it from osmotic stress and external stressors such as the UV exposure, it also strengthens cell membranes, and Poria Cocos also known as Fu Ling mushroom functions to tighten the intercellular junctions to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. It is anti-inflammatory and has been used by the Chinese in their traditional herbal medicine for centuries. Both the Phragmites Communis and Poria Cocos are known for their medicinal values in treating skin diseases.

The Water Bank Moisture Full Ampoule can be used day and night daily. Release a substantial amount of liquid onto your palm and applying over the face. It’s perfect for intensive moisture care. A pack comes in 10 bottles of ampoules.

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