Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FOR BELOVED ONE “Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series”

FOR BELOVED ONE “Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series”
α- Arbutin X DNA Whitening Dual Effect – For Flawless and Radiant Skin
This series was launched in Taiwan in 2013 and has immediately taken the market by storm and
was quickly sold out in stores all over Taiwan.Among them, FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced
Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask is the most popular, the unique oil in water cream mask can
perfectly wrap in 3% high concentration α-Arbutin compound and DNA Whitening patent
ingredients, once in contact with skin, the cream instantly transforms into essence and forms a skin
brightening protective film that helps the absorption of other essential whitening ingredient, its
lightweight, non-greasy texture allows it to be used as a last minute rescue facial mask and/or
overnight mask. This cream mask achieved superb sales instantly after its launch, it was listed as the
top whitening product in Taiwan’s annual Cosmeceutical skincare event, and is also extremely well
received and won awards voted by the millions of users and fans in Taiwan’s professional beauty
makeup website Fashion Guide.

α-Arbutin Compound x DNA Whitening Technology
1. Block formation 
2. Suppress pigmentation 
3. Break down transfer 
4. Metabolize Initiating skin whitening mechanism

FOR BELOVED ONE has developed an Advanced Whitening Melanin-Blocking
Technology – unlike traditional whitening products that only target melanin formation at the second
level (reduce/inhibit activity of the enzyme tyrosinase to prevent pigmentation), FOR BELOVED
ONE’s Advanced Whitening Melanin-Blocking Technology conducts whitening at an even earlier
level. Beginning from skin’s basal layers, ACTI-WHITE™ and β-White™ works at the DNA level
to inhibit formation/maturation of melanosomes (the organelle in which melanin is formed), while
α-Arbutin compound suppresses the activity of enzymes to prevent pigmentation, Vitamin B3
breaks down melanin transfer path, preventing melanin from traveling to skin surface, and finally,
Melaclear2™, known as the dark spot eraser, metabolizes the dead skin cells accumulated on the
surface. This rigorous control over each critical phase of skin tanning, allows a comprehensive
protection for bright and radiant skin.

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Toner Content 200 ml Price S$58
Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Essence Content 30 ml Price S$109
Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Lotion Content 100 ml Price S$75
Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask Content 50 ml Price S$100
Exclusive GWP offer @ Sephora: Buy any 2 Advanced Whitening Series products, get FOR
BELOVED ONE Love & Care Teddy Bear Brightening Travel Set*
*Includes: Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Toner 15ml, Lotion 10ml, Essence 3ml, Cream Mask 5ml
and Flawless Brightening Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask 1 pair and a special made Arbutin Teddy Bear. You can find FOR

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