Thursday, March 3, 2016

NYX Cosmetics relaunch in Singapore!

NYX Cosmetics relaunch in Singapore! Makeup enthusiasts here will be thrilled to find a huge expansion in the products line-up. From the existing range of over 100 products, the new NYX will have over 300 different types of makeup across the lip, eye and face categories. This additions include shades extensions and the limited edition launches that previously not available will add on to the overall collection. The increase in product line-up will also mean that the brand will have double the current spaces across most stores in Sephora Singapore. Further more, NYX fans will no longer need to wait for six months before landing their hands on new products ranges as launches will now be simultaneous with NYX in USA. The brand will also be available now online on        

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

LANEIGE Two Tone Collection

 Following the highly successful launch of Two Tone Lip Bar in March 2015, LANEIGE has now expanded the range to introduce the Two Tone Collection, featuring an improved Two Tone Lip Bar with new colours and the all-new Two Tone Shadow Bar. 
Pucker Up For Two Tone Lip Bar 

Retaining the shape of its predecessor, the second-generation Two Tone Lip Bar has an improved button rail and cap for enhanced usability. The Two Tone Lip Bar range consists of four funky colors – Juicy Pop, Maxi Red, Orange Blurring, and Dear Pink – and uses LANEIGE’s exclusive oblique cutting feature, which makes for a more natural gradation with just one application. More significantly, the Two Tone Lip Bar boasts several new features, including: 

Two Tone Chemistry – A combination of high gloss and semi-matte lipstick, it lends 
a delightfully voluminous touch to your lips. The main 
colour, applied to the inner side of the lips, features an 
upgraded pure pigment technology – which marries 
Aqua Color and Glass Polymer – for a brighter and 
more vivid colour payoff. Meanwhile, the sub colour 
gives a soft, subtle tint on the outer side of the lips. 

Artistic Color Match – The Two Tone Lip Bar is 
formulated with a sparkling pure pigment to reflect 
light, replicating the effect makeup artists use to 
brighten a K-pop star’s skin tone. 

Creamy texture – Its wonderful texture glides on the 
lips with supreme ease, and spreads like sorbet, 
making application a breeze! 

Seeing Double with Two Tone Shadow Bar 
Achieve the natural-looking eye makeup look, a la your favourite K-pop star, with the revolutionary Two Tone Shadow Bar! It has the same sleek shape as the Two Tone Lip Bar, but unlike its lippy cousin, the cream-based Two Tone Shadow Bar presents a rose gold cap and container-top. Available in four colours – Humming Coral, Golden Rose, Orange Island, and Coffee Bronze (see Appendix B for colour chart) – its winning combination of features includes: 

Sparkle in and around your eyes – The base colour is formulated with Jewel Powder, a mineral pigment that adds a subtle shimmering effect, brightening the eyes and the under-eye area. Jewel Powder comprises 7 types of ingredients – amethyst, pearl, coral, tourmaline, amber, jade, and ruby. 

Artistic Color Match – Cleverly combining tones that blend well together, the Two Tone Shadow Bar can easily take you from a light, natural day look to a more intense smokey-eye night look. 

Quick Touch Gradation – Like the Two Tone Lip Bar, the Two Tone Shadow Bar features LANEIGE’s unique oblique cutting, which allows for a more natural gradation. 

Soft cream-type that gently sticks – Formulated with aloe vera powder and a vitamin E plant derivative, it moisturises the skin around the eyes and is ideal for all skin types. The Two Tone Shadow Bar also contains cross polymer powder, which lessens the stickiness of the cream and, thus, reduces the crease effect*. 

The perfect fit – The Two Tone Shadow Bar is designed to perfectly fit the contours of your lids, which allows easy application. 

How To Use 
1. Lower the button after removing the lid. 
2. The lower point of the Two Tone Shadow Bar is the point colour (for lash line), while the upper is the base colour (for eye lid). Position accordingly then apply it on the inner corner of the eye. Using your own finger, spread the cream across the lid to achieve a natural gradation. 
3. Pat on LANEIGE Brush Pact for longer-lasting results*. 

*Because of the Two Tone Shadow Bar’s cream formulation, creases may occur when the cream meets the oil around the eyes. For longer-lasting results, complete your eye makeup by patting on LANEIGE Brush Pact (or general loose powder). 
BONUS! Humming Coral can be used as an incredibly natural-looking blusher too! Apply Two Tone Shadow Bar Humming Coral on to the apples of your cheeks. Blend with fingers. 
LANEIGE Two Tone Collection – Two Tone Lip Bar, $34; Two Tone Shadow Bar, $38 – is available at all LANEIGE Boutiques & Counters. 

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