Friday, December 30, 2011

Sisley Phyto-Blanc Intensive Whitening Serum

Start your new year with clearing the unwanted or uneven spots on your face!
In addition to the 7 existing products, Phyto-Blanc completes its current range with a new serum, formulated with the most effective whitening active ingredients ever developed by Sisley laboratories - Phyto-Blanc Intensive Whitening Serum.
It helps prevent the appearance of brown spots, reduces their intensity, visibly lightens the skin and gradually reveals its natural radiance, thanks to its continuous action made possible by prolonged release of Vitamin C over time...To cope with the instability of Vitamin C, which is prone to rapid deterioration particularly in watery environment, researchers in Asia have managed to stabilise and preserve this active ingredient using a glucose molecule, and in doing so have created a new patented molecule : Ascorbic Acid 2-glucoside. When this serum is applied to the skin, an enzyme - alpha-glucosidase prompts this molecule to gradually release Vitamin C and allows it to act continuously. In addition, this molecule stimulates collagen synthesis, improving skin firmness and resistance, and also boosts the anti-free radical properties. Combined with Extracts of Scutellaria, White Mulberry and Lemon with lightening properties - significantly inhibiting tyrosinase activity - it actively helps whiten skin and reduce brown spots. It lightens pigmentation spots that have already formed and helps reduce melanin synthesis, preventing the appearance of new spots.
This serum(30ml) will be launched in Feb/March 2012, retail price S$400.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and peaceful, healthy Year 2012!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bourjois Christmas Makeup Collection 2011



A blend of 5 pearly, shimmery and satin eyeshadow shades to mix and match and blend together to create infinite colour combinations - don't be shy!

Each shade plays its part:

1. The illuminator is ideal to brighten up the eyes when applied under the brow or to the inner corner of the eye

2. Use the satiny tone over the whole eyelid to blend.

3. Apply the darkest shade as a liner along the upper lashline to outline the eye contour.

4. Apply little touches of shimmer to add sparkle to your eyes

5. Apply the sculptor to the outer corner for shape.

Création (61) : seductive blue, grey and black hues

Illusion (62) : tender pink, mauve and violet hues

Sublimation (63) : precious beige, brown and gold hues
Révélation (64) : audacious green and kaki hues

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Benefit hervana face powder

Swirl on this orchid-blossom blush for a heavenly flush of enlightenment! These four shades—lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight—blend together perfectly to lift your look to cloud 9.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chanel 2012 Spring Makeup Collection - Harmonie de Printemps

"From the break of dawn to the descent of twilight, skies reveal an enchanting array of hues with the arrival of Spring. Inspired by this brilliant seasonal change, Peter Phillips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, infused glowing, sunlit colour into the Spring 2012 Makeup Collection, HARMONIE DE PRINTEMPS. Subtle gradations of rose, coral and peach sculpt the face, giving it a soft radiance, while rich garnets and vivid pinks dress the lips."

Les 4 Ombres de Chanel - 34 Eclosion
Blush Horizon de Chanel (limited edition) - Glowing blush harmony

Ombre Essentielle - 92 Rose de Mai & 91 Tigerlily (limited edition)
Poudre Universelle Compacte - 150 Jasmine (limited edition)

Stylo Yeux - 85 Grenat
Le Crayon Levres - 49 Rose Corail & 48 Bois de Rose

Rouge Coco - 39 Paradis, 38 Superstition, 07 Chalys, 41 Destinee & 40 Charme

Rouge Coco Shine - 68 Candeur, 69 Flirt & Rouge Coco Baume

Levres Scintillantes/ Glossimer - 73 Bonbon, 161 Bagatelle & 159 Petillan

Le Vernis
533 April - Highly luminous garnet of wild berries
535 May - Intense pink
539 June - Pastel apricot

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Ruby Makeup collection

Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! This is so beautiful! Dolce & Gabbana Ruby Makeup Collection, each item has a "Ruby" on the packaging! I'm sure lots of women will love to have them.. Sad that we still can't get it here in Singapore! :(

This Ruby collection include:
Eyeshadow - Femme Fatale
Luminous Cheek Color - Peach
Classic Cream Lipstick - Ruby 180, Ultra 190, Scarlett 195, Iconic 210 & Devil 220.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Estee Lauder 2012 Spring Makeup Collection - Topaz

Estee Lauder Spring Collection 2012 - "Topaz" was inspired by Arizona and created by Tom Pecheux. It's all about sand and aqua shades with the touch of gold and turqoise.

Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette - Topaz Mosaic
Pure Color Intense Kajal Eye Crayon - Dramatic Black/ Dramatic
Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee - Topaz Chameleon
Pure Color Gloss - Citron Kiss
Pure Color Sensuous Rouge Lip Color - Sultry Caramel/ Sensuous Nude/ Sublime Nectar
Pure Color Nail Lacquer - Teal Topaz

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Holiday giving goes outrageously festive with Dazzlesphere! Mini kits for lips, eyes and nails packed in clear, couture-future ornaments! Opulent and sure to satisfy all the nice (and naughty) girls and boys on your list!

Dazzlespere Smoky Blue Oranament x 4
Silver Sleet, White as Snow, Winter Sky and Dark Moon - 4 cool and smoky Crush Metal shades to shake up those holiday - and spring - looks!

Dazzlespere Plum Oranament x 4
4 limited edition, mini-sized, stackable Crush Metals in a passionately perfect array of sultry, sweet and sophisticated plums.

Dazzlespere Berry Oranament x 4
2 shades of Roasted Chestnut and Spicy Smoke. Add Pearl and Rose Light to this mini-set of four stackable Crush Metals.

Dazzlespere Neutral Oranament x 4
2 Dazzleglass and 2 Cremesheen mini glosses reveal the dash, dazzle and desirability of neutral.

Dazzlespere Coral Oranament x 4
2 mini Dazzleglass and 2 Cremesheen mini glosses offer opulent variations with spicy, icy shimmer and shine.

Dazzlespere Pink Ornament x 4
2 Dazzleglass and 2 Cremesheen minis in top seasonal shades of pink.

Dazzlespere Mini nail lacquer ornament x 4
Four mini-sizes of nail lacquer in seasonally-fabulous shades of Mistletoe, Dark Angel, Style Tip and Much Adore

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dior Capture XP 2012

Start the new year by re-plumping skin from outside and within with the best possible filler material – your own.

This year, Dior adds a revolutionary ingredient, Galanga, to its top anti-ageing stem cell line, Capture XP. This rhizome from the ginger family acts directly on fibroblast, ordering them to increase hyaluronic
acid production two-fold, filling out skin visibly.

This works together with TP-Vityl, an exclusive Dior molecule that protects epidermal stem cells to transform skin and reduce wrinkles in one hour! The four new additions to the line are Capture XP Ultimate Deep Wrinkle Serum, Normal to Combination Skin Day Creme, Dry Skin Day Creme, and Eye Creme.


A soft and fluid gel with a tightening effect, which immediately sinks into the skin to intensely correct cracks. Even the deepest wrinkles are smoothed. $199


Available in two textures. The cream for normal to combination skin, is delicate and creamy, providing an

extremely smoothing, matifying softness. The cream for dry skin is a dense and generous balm. It provides intense, plumping comfort and protects the skin. “It fills from within,” relaxing and plumping the face, and

smoothing the exterior to immediately soften lined features. $180


A gentle and comfortable tightening veil which concentrates all of its action on the most fragile zone of the face. It “fills the micro-contours from within,” smoothing out and relaxing the eye zone whilst smoothing the surface of crow’s feet for fresh, serene eyes. A soft and fresh perfume, which envelops the skin without being overpowering, has been chosen for all the XP products. A slice of happiness to complement that of delightful texture. $115

Sunday, December 4, 2011

With Kit Chan in Beijing

Just came back from Beijing with Kit Chan for a private event. Thank god that beijing started snowing only after the next day of the event, which we're on the way to airport back to Singapore.

Kit wearing David Gan's beautiful jewelry!

Kit during rehearsal

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