Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clinique Spring Trend 2009 "First Blush"

New Clinique Spring Trend 2009 "First Blush" (Available at all Clinique counters from 2 Jan 2009 till 5 Feb 2009) First Blush delivers a fresh take on the spring season, delivering excitement and newness through the launch of new Quick Blush. Limited Edition Fresh Bloom Eye Shadow is the perfect of complement to bring texture to the collection of Spring 2009. A point of view with lots of possibilities, First Blush offers a customized look that's on fashion point while remaining perfectly natural, perfectly Clinique.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Nyonya - Jeanette Aw!

Was really happy to have the chance to work with Jeanette Aw for 8 Days cover shoot! As I was watching "The litlle Nyonya"every episode if possible. She's very friendly & nice to work with! Wishing her all the best for the coming New Year! :)

Benefit peace, love & glossiness

Give the gift of gloss & make the world a prettier place for every "lip" on your list! What gal wouldn't want not one gloss... but SIX glosses? These are their most coveted colors all in one special set. Perfect for the gal who changes her gloss as often as she changes her mood!

Chanel Pink Lame eye shadow

Eyeshadow combining 3 powdery shades: pink, silvery grey and golden pigments.

PINK LAMÉ features an "amethyst pink grey shade with an iridescent effect". Its unique quality comes from its very creation.
The makeup effect itself is not "lamé" as the gold and silver blend with the pink. This soft-effect mixture is suitable for all skin tones for which a light shine provides special radiance.

The look of this unique creation takes up the irregular surface and weaving effects of CHANEL lamé...

Emphasized by a deep black or plum mascara, apply the dense, intense PINK LAMÉ shade as a flat tint for a mirror effect on eyelids.
It can also be traced around the rims of the eyelids, along the upper or lower lashes, to bring out the twinkle of the eyes.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aquamoist Moisturizing Cream H from JuJu cosmetics

The fact that 1g of hyaluronic acid holds about 6L of water which proves its excellent moisturizing effect. Originally skin is able to produce hyaluronic acid. But the older one become, the weaker the ability to hold skin’s moisture by oneself. JuJu AQUAMOIST provides perfect balance of moisture by the hyaluronic acid and glycerin.
Emollient ingredients of hyaluronic acid and glycerin give you the silky and elastic feel. Gel-cream formula.

Fragrance-free/no fragrance, No coloring, No mineral oil, and sub-acid.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Idea from the autumn/winter evening's moon light that shine on skins! Looks like jewels- lots of shimmer,metalic bronze, silver & gold.

Things to take note:
As the whole look is more shimmer, so for people with puffy eyes should take note as to used a matte brown color eye shadow as eye base than follow by applying those shimmer color around the centre of eye lid,inner corner of eyes & brow bone areas.
Emphasie on eye liner & lashes that helps to bring out the look.
Using peach color for cheek, shimmer gold on T-zone area & finally with a nude color lips.

(1)在眼盖部位先涂上褐色眼影,这将能减低眼皮浮肿。Using matte brown on eye lid to cut down the puffiness.

(2)在接近眼睫毛部位涂上灰色眼影,并且加深眼尾部位,使眼睛更有立体感。Apply dark grey shadow near lash line area.

(3)眼下部位,由眼尾至眼部中央涂上同样的灰色眼影。Using the same dark grey on outer lower eyes.

(4)在眼盖中央涂上珍珠色眼影。Apply pearl color at centre of eye lid.

(5)以同样的珍珠色涂在眉骨部位。Same pearl color on brow bone.

(6)带金属亮粉的眼影加在整个眼盖部位。Dust on shimmer gold/silver shadow powder over the whole eye lids.

(7)同样的金属亮粉的眼影涂在下眼头部位。Using the same shimmer colors at front corner of eyes.

(8)应用黑色眼线笔描画上眼线。Apply black eye liner.

(9)再以同样的黑色眼线笔,由下眼尾描画至眼中。The same black liner at lower eyes from out to inwards.

(10)将睫毛夹翘。Curl lashes.

(11)在下眼睫毛刷上睫毛膏。Brush on mascara on lower lashes.

(12)也在上睫毛刷上睫毛膏。Brush on mascara on upper lashes.

(13)在加上假睫毛。Add on fake lashes.

(14)以棕褐色眉粉描画眉毛。 Brush on brown color tone eye brows.

(15)腮红以自然的桃色为主,捎在脸颊笑肌部位。Apply peach color on apple of cheeks.

(16)最后涂上带珍珠色泽的裸色唇彩。Apply pearly nude lip gloss.

Photography:Ruth Soh
Model:Jessica Lee
Text,Makeup & Hair:Andy Lee


Photo by Ruth Soh
You can get all products at "Stardust- John Little"Plaza Singapore.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Laneige Water Bank Essence

Water Bank Essence circulates moisture from deep within the skin - protecting the skin from losing moisture, while strengthening cells and preventing aging by increasing skin renewal rate. A concentrated moisturising essence that penetrates deep into the skin to retain moisture and restore skin’s natural luminescent glow.
Water Bank Essence enhanced formulation promotes healthy and firm skin that is optimally hydrated and radiantly clear. In addition to advanced Dusali Water Science™, this water-based, light serum contains extracts of soya bean, blueberry, honey and yeast, plus shea butter. This is a product that once they’ve tried it, many will never do without.
Experiments show that after just three days of using Laneige Water Bank Essence, there was an increase of 27.5% in the levels of moisture in the skin. At the end of ten days, that level had jumped to an increase of 51.79%. And not only are moisture levels increased but they are locked into the skin,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clinique Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream

Did you know?
More and more people are regularly visiting their dermatologists to experience the benefits of higher levels of exfoliation delivered by in-office procedures such as glycolic peels, microdermabrasion and more. That is why it is so exciting that Clinique will launch new products that offer similar surface-smoothing and radiance-boosting benefits-without the stress on skin!
Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream:
For anyone in need of a body moisturizer that reduces flakiness and smoothes dry, rough areas.
- It's perfect for those clients who want to replenish parched, rough skin so it feels soft and smooth.
Clinique Turnaround Body Smoothing Cream 150ml, S$69.00
Available at all Clinique Counters from 6-26 February 2009.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Olay Regenerist skin care sets to give away!

Season greeting!
The company of Olay is going to give away 3 sets of "Olay Regenerist" worth $159.60. This is a special anti-ageing skin care that come with a beautiful case box which's not for sale. In this box there's a Olay Regenerist Serum, Eye cream, Day cream & night cream.
Your skin has the natural ability to repair & renew itself from the damage that has accumulated over the years. Laser Anti-ageing treatment use your skin's own natural wound-healing ability.When your skin is zapped with a laser beam,it rapidly heats up the skin cells deep within the skin,creating micro-wounds on the skin & hence triggering the wound-healing process of your skin.
When skin cells are injured,a slew of amino-peptides are released within the skin, and these amino-peptides work as signals to instruct your skin to repair the damage. These signals cause your skin to produce more structural proteins such as collagen and elastin - the skin very building blocks of your skin. Increased levels of collagen and elastin result in firmer skin, and will also smooth wrinkles and fine lines, making your complexion appear younger and healthier. Hence, amino-peptides play an important role in helping to reverse the signs of ageing

Do tune in to radio 1003 on Monday 15 Dec08 between 12-1pm. Will tell you more how wonderful about these range of skin care products & how you can win a set.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shiseido Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA

Was given some samples to test for a magazine beauty awards & found this eye mask works wonder on me!

Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA is the world's first anti-aging eye mask that contains pure, liquefied Retinol. Pure Retinol is a very effective anti-wrinkle ingredient that is both delicate and extremely sensitive to light and heat and is mostly used in creams. With the advance technique of ultra-micro encapsulation, Shiseido successfully stabalised pure Retinol in a light-weight liquid form which, when combined with a sheet-type mask is proven to have double the effectiveness of all other anti-aging products and is able to diminish wrinkles in 15 minutes.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Za Dewy Effect Emulsion

If your skin need moisture yet you don't like those sticky/oily feeling, this will be your choice!
Best for combination dehydrated skin!

Melts into your skin with a dewy sensation to lock in plenty of moisture for hours on end.

$17 at most Watson stores.

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