Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aquamoist Moisturizing Cream H from JuJu cosmetics

The fact that 1g of hyaluronic acid holds about 6L of water which proves its excellent moisturizing effect. Originally skin is able to produce hyaluronic acid. But the older one become, the weaker the ability to hold skin’s moisture by oneself. JuJu AQUAMOIST provides perfect balance of moisture by the hyaluronic acid and glycerin.
Emollient ingredients of hyaluronic acid and glycerin give you the silky and elastic feel. Gel-cream formula.

Fragrance-free/no fragrance, No coloring, No mineral oil, and sub-acid.


Anonymous said...

Where to buy it?? And how much??

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Saw it at Sasa. Should be less than or around S$20+.

Anonymous said...

i went to sasa to ask...but they say it was discontinued there anywhere that still sells?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Sorry! I think you can only get it from HK or Taiwan now since they've discontinued in Singapore. Sorry!

May said...

i got it from hk for about hkd95. i kinda like it coz after using it,i don't have flaky skin around my nose area as it's really very moisturising. suitable for ppl with very dry to dry skin. if normal skin then don't use too much.

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