Thursday, December 18, 2008

Laneige Water Bank Essence

Water Bank Essence circulates moisture from deep within the skin - protecting the skin from losing moisture, while strengthening cells and preventing aging by increasing skin renewal rate. A concentrated moisturising essence that penetrates deep into the skin to retain moisture and restore skin’s natural luminescent glow.
Water Bank Essence enhanced formulation promotes healthy and firm skin that is optimally hydrated and radiantly clear. In addition to advanced Dusali Water Science™, this water-based, light serum contains extracts of soya bean, blueberry, honey and yeast, plus shea butter. This is a product that once they’ve tried it, many will never do without.
Experiments show that after just three days of using Laneige Water Bank Essence, there was an increase of 27.5% in the levels of moisture in the skin. At the end of ten days, that level had jumped to an increase of 51.79%. And not only are moisture levels increased but they are locked into the skin,


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

Thanks for constantly updating this great blog..

Was wondering if all the products that you posted here are those you recommend is good or only those products that are just launched in the market?

Im looking for something to moisture my skin and also even my skin tone and yet fakes my scar.. Is this suitable?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Thanks for your support!
All products that I've posted here, some I've tried & tested but some are newly launched in the market which I find them interesting.
I've tried Laneige Water Bank Essence & is good for dehydrated skin but I'm not sure will this fakes scar. I personally like something great in moisturising yet non greasy/sticky type, so I found this quite good!

Anonymous said...

Hi so this essence can be use
as a moisturizer?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Yes! You can used this essence as a moisturizer if you've oily/combination skin but if you've very dry skin best to top on with another moisturizing cream.

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