Saturday, December 20, 2008


Idea from the autumn/winter evening's moon light that shine on skins! Looks like jewels- lots of shimmer,metalic bronze, silver & gold.

Things to take note:
As the whole look is more shimmer, so for people with puffy eyes should take note as to used a matte brown color eye shadow as eye base than follow by applying those shimmer color around the centre of eye lid,inner corner of eyes & brow bone areas.
Emphasie on eye liner & lashes that helps to bring out the look.
Using peach color for cheek, shimmer gold on T-zone area & finally with a nude color lips.

(1)在眼盖部位先涂上褐色眼影,这将能减低眼皮浮肿。Using matte brown on eye lid to cut down the puffiness.

(2)在接近眼睫毛部位涂上灰色眼影,并且加深眼尾部位,使眼睛更有立体感。Apply dark grey shadow near lash line area.

(3)眼下部位,由眼尾至眼部中央涂上同样的灰色眼影。Using the same dark grey on outer lower eyes.

(4)在眼盖中央涂上珍珠色眼影。Apply pearl color at centre of eye lid.

(5)以同样的珍珠色涂在眉骨部位。Same pearl color on brow bone.

(6)带金属亮粉的眼影加在整个眼盖部位。Dust on shimmer gold/silver shadow powder over the whole eye lids.

(7)同样的金属亮粉的眼影涂在下眼头部位。Using the same shimmer colors at front corner of eyes.

(8)应用黑色眼线笔描画上眼线。Apply black eye liner.

(9)再以同样的黑色眼线笔,由下眼尾描画至眼中。The same black liner at lower eyes from out to inwards.

(10)将睫毛夹翘。Curl lashes.

(11)在下眼睫毛刷上睫毛膏。Brush on mascara on lower lashes.

(12)也在上睫毛刷上睫毛膏。Brush on mascara on upper lashes.

(13)在加上假睫毛。Add on fake lashes.

(14)以棕褐色眉粉描画眉毛。 Brush on brown color tone eye brows.

(15)腮红以自然的桃色为主,捎在脸颊笑肌部位。Apply peach color on apple of cheeks.

(16)最后涂上带珍珠色泽的裸色唇彩。Apply pearly nude lip gloss.

Photography:Ruth Soh
Model:Jessica Lee
Text,Makeup & Hair:Andy Lee


Kal said...

Hi Andy,

I love this makeup but can you translate the makeup steps to English? Thanks so much :) Hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

can other question from me. The black eye liner used in this makeup, is it suitable for oily eyelid? Can I know the brand of the eye liner you are using? Thanks once again.


Anonymous said...

hello andy!

mind sharing what brand of cosmetics did u on this model. thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Kal

The black eye liner's from M.A.C Powerpoint pencil. Is a water/smuge proof eye liner.

As for the cosmetics are from different brands, Shiseido, CanMake,Beaute de Kose.

Di said...


My natural skin's oily.After applying color on my eyes,the color fades later (about 4 hours). And also my applying black liner on eyes starts to melt.How to solve it?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Di

Try using some oil controling skin care! Or if's worst you have to touch up every now & then.
Some skin doctor does IPL that help to balance the skin oil which I think is quite good as well!

Di said...

With my budget, I've to touch up again:( Andy,thanks.

Kal said...

Merry Christmas, Andy! :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Kal ! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too! Best Wishes! :)

Anonymous said...

hi andy,
can i know for the pearly nude lipgloss where can i get from?thanks

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

The pearly nude lip gloss is from Beaute de Kose.

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy! (: i would to enquire whats the use of applying shimmer gold on the T-zone area? how does it help? where else can i put shimmer gold? cos it always acts like a highlighting powder. im not sure about highlighting at all. please advice! thanks a million.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Kathleen

Applying high light/shimmer on T-zone helps to brighten up the feature or giving the feature a bit more dimention.

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