Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dior Fall 2012 Makeup Collection - Golden Jungle.

This Fall, Dior combines two of Christian Dior’s favourite themes since the founding of the House: leopard print and gold. The result is a Golden Jungle collection that embodies the luxury of the Urban Jungle, pushed to the extreme.

Star products include a Golden Jungle Palette, consisting of eyeshadows in a gorgeous leopard motif and lipgloss, and a nail polish duo that replicates the effect of crocodile leather to go with the favorite It bag. Indulge your animal instincts this Fall.

5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette - Khaki Palette & Golden Savannah.

Dior There Shadow Palette - Ivory Glow & Nude Glow

Dior Golden Jungle Palette - Golden Brown & Golden Khaki

Dior Blush - Sunkissed Cinnamon & Sugar Spice.

Dior Lipstick - 646 Wild, 816 Instinct, 852 Fatale & 962 Daring

Dior Le Vernis - Golden Jungle Duo Dior Vernis, Amazon & Bengal.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laneige Pore care

Blackhead Melting Gel
Containing Keratiase enzyme which effectively melts down dead skin cells like blackhead and easily rollable silicon melting-massager create synergy effect to melt down dead skin cells and blackheads that are clogging trouble-prone areas of nose and the surrounding areas. Keratinase mostly made Keratin which is effective in dissolving excess dead skin cells and blackhead is superior to AHA, commonly used for dissolving dead skin cells in less damaging but more effective way of melting and removing blackhead clogged pore and dead skin cells. It facilitates skin cell turn-over and changes dark and rough skin surface into smoother and brighter skin. After washing your face at night, pump appropriate amount of melting gel and apply it to the area with blackheads. Massage the area thoroughly with a circular motion. Wait about 20 seconds for blackheads to melt, and then rinse the gel of thoroughly with luke warm water. Repeated applications will be required for server blackheads and the gel can be applied to other areas with excessive sebum including forehead and cheeks.
Blackhead Pore Strip - Blackhead dissolving enzyme Keratinase's BIO-Peeling for all skin type.
Kenaf is known as eco-friendly pulp material which replace tree and also natural ingredient that is better than commonly used silica in sebum absorption. Blackhead strip contains Kenaf power which sticks to nose where blackhead and excessive sebum are already melted down by melting gel and prevents reoccurrence of blackhead. Pore Strip keeps smooth and clean nose without excessive oil. After using the melting gel, leave some moisture on your nose. Lightly press the strip's adhesive side against the center of your damp nose. (Do not apply water directly to the strip because the water melts the content of the strip and extends drying time.) Wait about 10-15 minutes until the strip is completely dried before pulling the strip off slowly from both edges.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry. Japan's traditional lacquerware handicrafts began making their way around the globe during the Age of Discovery. Their craftsmanship was highly valued particularly in Europe. To develop a truly lacquer-like lipstick, Shiseido examined the traditional processes used in laquer artistry. Just as these techniques allow lacquer to add smoothness, color and shine to wood, they've developed processes that allow a liquid formulation to do the same for lips. The result is completely modern rouge that gives lips an exquisitely sensual, lacquer-like finish in just one coat. Lip surface becomes even and benefits from skincare effects that improved rough lips, moisturizing effect lasts for hours. Deep color comes out beautifully and lips are finished with rich, polished shine. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge collection is about the simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of lipstick with deep pigment and rich color payoff, long lasting shine and gloss that creates "a speedy glamour".

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shiseido Radiant Lifting Foundation

This coming autumn Shiseido will be launching their Radiant Lifting Foundation. Using optical science to manipulate light, Shiseido's Radiant Lifting Technology illuminates shadows away, bathing your skin radiant, youthful glow. Shiseido's newly-developed Radiant Reflective Complex by applying the light-bouncing effect of a reflector board just like during photography, shadows immediately disappear, the skin look firmer & fuller as if it has been lifted and radiance. This foundation glides on lightly and smoothly during application without feeling heavy on skin and makes conspicuous pores less visible and giving a resilient feeling to the skin.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear

This is a translucent clear compact powder that helps to smooth out skin texture with SPF 20 PA++. This is meant as a finishing powder and great for touching up makeup or if only want a light coverage smooth base. The talc-based helps to keep the skin matte and polished. Also contains Rosehip oil, Chamomile extract and silk powder that helps to moisture the skin. This Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Clear is retail at S$23.90 in major Watsons stores.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ettusais BB mineral cream

Is hard to find a BB cream that make your skin look so naturally great! Most of the BB cream I've tried either too ashy in tone or it turn dull after a while. I really fall in love with Ettusais BB mineral cream as it gives medium coverage, oil controlling yet the skin still look so natural after application! With 79% skin care and moisturizing ingredients, non-comedogenic and fragrance free! Beside it come with SPF 30 PA++ and blend easily too! Retail at S$38 with three different tones to choose from.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Majolica Majorca Psychdelicious chapter 34


Lash King – Achieve kingsized lashes with super long, mega thick, maximum volume. Brown color gives a softer impression and sophisticated look with 5mm super long fibers and Acrobat catch brush.

BR 333 Vanilla Brown BR 555 Maroon Brown

Brow & Lash Colorist – Color brow and lashes brown to match your hair color and makeup! A single stroke will brighten and color your brow and lashes instantly. Doesn’t clump and achieves a fluffy finish Waterproof resist sweat, sebum and tear. Contains Vitamin E derivative and Macadamia nuts oil.

BR 677 Cocoa Brown

Cream Pencil Liner – Creamy smooth texture , stay-put defined line waterproof pencil liner. Brown color contains gold pearl particles with helps to achieve a soft and sophisticated look. Lines drawn are as sharp as liquid eyeliner, long lasting waterproof formulation.

PK 415 Raspberry Macaroon RD 414 Cheery Macarron

Puff De Cheek – Enjoy patting with this puff! A lightly tinted colored pop blush. Its easy to achieve round, soft cheeks with this puff. Gives a bright finish which lasts long and no dullness over time. Contains skin treatment property : Macadamia nut oil.

RS 456 Cowberry Jam

Honey Pump Gloss Neo – Rich lip gloss in melting honey gloss candy color for voluminous lips. A rich, thick gloss and radiance that will last hours, formulated with Glass Shine Pearls. Achieves dewy lips formulated with Royal Honey EX. Tube with slanted tip for beautifully defined lip contours.

7 Initial Move GR 222 Tempted by an impulse

Artist Nails – Glistening gloss. This quick-dry nail enamel paints a vivid, pop, candy color with just a single stroke.

Popping Shower Powder – Beat the summer heat! Get fresh sparkling body with popping sweet aroma. Body powder instantly making skin silky smooth without making skin white, contains shiny fine pearls gives sparkles to the skin. Contain sebum catching powder and clear white powder. Sweet romantic fragrance of Majoromantica F. Contains Rosehip oil, a moisturizing ingredient.

Friday, June 1, 2012

SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes

Was invited for French skincare brand SAMPAR launch but was working on some projects and couldn't make it. I've heard some good reviews about SAMPAR but didn't have a chance to try out. It was so nice that they send me this SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes and I must say this is quite an amazing product! As we all know, everyone love to look great without having heavy makeup, especially under eyes areas. SAMPAR Glamour Shot Eyes is a cross between skin care and makeup that instantly brighten and smooth out those lines under the eyes that minimize the signs of aging in just one minute. I usually have puffy and tired eyes in the morning and I've been using this for the pass few days and I can see a great different. This is a colorless serum or I should say a transparent concealer that offers an anti wrinkle action. Price at S$59 and will be available at Robinsons Centrepoint and Metro Paragon in late June2012 but currently can be purchased on

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