Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laneige Pore care

Blackhead Melting Gel
Containing Keratiase enzyme which effectively melts down dead skin cells like blackhead and easily rollable silicon melting-massager create synergy effect to melt down dead skin cells and blackheads that are clogging trouble-prone areas of nose and the surrounding areas. Keratinase mostly made Keratin which is effective in dissolving excess dead skin cells and blackhead is superior to AHA, commonly used for dissolving dead skin cells in less damaging but more effective way of melting and removing blackhead clogged pore and dead skin cells. It facilitates skin cell turn-over and changes dark and rough skin surface into smoother and brighter skin. After washing your face at night, pump appropriate amount of melting gel and apply it to the area with blackheads. Massage the area thoroughly with a circular motion. Wait about 20 seconds for blackheads to melt, and then rinse the gel of thoroughly with luke warm water. Repeated applications will be required for server blackheads and the gel can be applied to other areas with excessive sebum including forehead and cheeks.
Blackhead Pore Strip - Blackhead dissolving enzyme Keratinase's BIO-Peeling for all skin type.
Kenaf is known as eco-friendly pulp material which replace tree and also natural ingredient that is better than commonly used silica in sebum absorption. Blackhead strip contains Kenaf power which sticks to nose where blackhead and excessive sebum are already melted down by melting gel and prevents reoccurrence of blackhead. Pore Strip keeps smooth and clean nose without excessive oil. After using the melting gel, leave some moisture on your nose. Lightly press the strip's adhesive side against the center of your damp nose. (Do not apply water directly to the strip because the water melts the content of the strip and extends drying time.) Wait about 10-15 minutes until the strip is completely dried before pulling the strip off slowly from both edges.

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