Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chanel 2016 Spring Makeup Collection - LA Sunrise

Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows - 118 Moonlight Pink,126 Grifith Green and 122 Ocean Light.

Les 4 Ombres  202 Tisse Camelia palette
Stylo Yeux Waterproof - 924 Fervent Blue, 925 Pacific Green and 926 Purple Choc.
 Nourishing mascara base

                Sunkiss Ribbon Blush 
Rouge Coco Shines - 114 Shipshape, 116 Mighty and 118 Energy
Le Vernis is 683 Sunrise Trip

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Albion Excia AL Renewing Skincare line

Have a wonderful session sharing my beauty/makeup tips on 21 Nov15(Saturday) with the top selling beauty products in Japan "Albion/Elegance" at Takashimaya.  
Albion Excia AL skin care (Renewing Line) - Promote "Timeless Skin" blessed with perpetual beauty by combining "improvement of skin's responsiveness to skin care". This is realized by fortifying the interaction among two types of stem cells that produce the building blocks of skin tissue and the hormones essential for radiant skin. Excia AL care thus energizes each and every cell constituting the skin, harmoniously revitalizing the whole skin. 

Albion Excia AL Renewing Rich Milk SV ( Oily- Normal skin type )
This milk lotion penetrates instantly and fills skin with moisture on the inside, leaving you with radiant skin that's plump, supple and resilient.

Albion Excia AL Renewing Extra Rich Milk SV ( For Normal - Extra dry skin )
This milk lotion penetrates instantly and fills skin with dewy moisture inside, leaving it radiant and satisfyingly firm and resilient.

Albion Excia AL Renewing Lotion SV
This lotion hydrates the skin from deep inside, delivering plump, fine-textured skin and a bright, radiant complexion. Strengthens skin's responsiveness to skin care and maximizes cells' energy.   

Albion Excia AL Eternal Keytone Serum
This serum's triple approach works on suspensory ligaments, mimetic muscles and the dermis - causes of sagging that changes the appearance of facial features - to sharpen features from their very foundation.

Albion Smart Skin - Foundation Primer ( 4 shades ) SPF35 PA+++
Creates a lustrous complexion that's clear and natural. Smoothes out the uneven surfaces created pores and fine lines and the finished look has the appearance of beautiful bare skin.  

Albion Gel Mask Foundation ( 6 shades ) SPF25 PA++
Forms a translucent makeup coat that is springy like a gel mask and packed with generous moisture. This "gel mask veil" leaves skin soft and brimming with springy elasticity and deep clarity. With no hint of the presence of powder, creating a pleasant sensation as if skin were enveloped in a mask of moisture. 

Elegance La Poudre Haute Nuance ( Face Powder ) 
Pressed powder for imparting a silky, luxurious texture and clarity to the finish, thus enhancing the delight of makeup. Combined effect of five select pale-tone hues delivers unrivaled clarity and brightness to the complexion. Superior resistance to water and oil maintains a long-wearing beautiful skin tone and finish free of dullness, fading and shine.  

Monday, November 9, 2015

CLIO Kill Brow Perfect Your Korean Brows

Make a statement with Ulzzang brows and eye makeup!
With just the right tools, you can perfect your Korean brows with Clio, the
Asian Brow Expert!
Going beyond a top Korean Eyeliner brand, Clio introduces a collection
of brow products – The Kill Brow Collection. With unique brow products
with different benefits targeted at consumers of varying degrees of brow
experience and skills, there is something for every Singaporean girl’s
brow needs.

Available at selected Watson stores. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate & Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Just tried out these two products from Kiehl's and feel that it really work well on my skin! 

Daily Reviving Concentrate

Lightweight facial oil that keeps skin looking radiant all day
•Strengthens skin’s defenses against daily aggressors to keep skin youthful and radiant-looking all day

•Provides antioxidant protection with a powerful blend of naturally-derived oils, including Ginger Root, Sunflower and Tamanu, to help skin feel fresh and look energized morning to night

•Paraben free, 100% natural origin, Mineral oil free, Non-comedogenic, Non-acnegenic

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

A replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning
• Regenerates, repairs, and replenishes skin for smoother, healthier skin
• Works with the skin's natural nocturnal activity when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors to dramatically restore skin
• 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free oil for face
• A customer favorite

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lunasol 2015 Autumn Makeup Collection

Experience the same delight of opening a fresh box of chocolates with the Lunasol 2015 Autumn
Collection. Lunasol has taken inspiration from everyone’s favourite delicacy to create a collection
that looks and smells good enough to eat. Smear the chocolatey hues on your eyes, cheeks and lips
for enticing looks that delight all the senses.

Lunasol Modeling Control Base - $59.00
3 shades available 30 ml SPF30 PA++

Enriched with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, these modeling control base nourishes your skin even as it corrects the its tone and texture for the skin that is flawless from the inside out. Available in three shades, each prepares your skin for the makeup to come in its own way. 
01 Glow creates a luminous finish to the completion, lighting it with a natural radiance.
02 Clear corrects uneven skin tones and conceals visible pores for natural looking, flawless skin.
03 Lucent enhances the skin's natural glow and replenishes its moisture levels for ever moist and supple skin.
Lunasol Selection De Choclate Eyes - $77.00
3 shades available

Lunasol presents such scrumptious looking and smelling palettes, you'd be hard pressed not to take a bite! The palettes feature rich and elegant shades that layer and blend together seamlessly for an effortlessly sophisticated look. Layer on warmer and darker shades for a smoldering dramatic look or lighter rosy shades for a romantic vibrant day look. 
Lunasol Duo De Chocolate Eye - $58.00
3 limited edition shades available

Artfully creates nuanced looks that cause your eyes to take centre stage. Be it with refreshing Chocolate Pistachios, sweet and feminine Chocolate Framboise or vibrant Chocolate Orange, you signature autumn look is only a few swipes away. 
Lunasol Styling Gel Eyeliner - $20.00
3 shades available , Eyeliner holder ( sold separately ) - $30.00

Applies on smoothly with intense coloration to provide instant definition to your eyes. The soft and sharp tip allows you to easily create thin or thick lines with flick of wrist. The dual ended liner comes with a handy applicator to blend and correct your lines for flawless eye definition. Perspiration and sebum resistant formula last all day for eye looks that are ever on point. 
Lunasol Coloring Creamy Cheeks - $58.00
2 new shades and 1 limited edition shade available
Includes Cream Cheek Sponge - $8.00

Attain an effortlessly natural looking glow with the new Lunasol Coloring Creamy Cheeks. The cream-type blusher hydrates and moisturizes the skin even as it adds a tint of color to the complexion - perfect for those with dry skin. Comes with a dedicated sponge specially designed to replicate the glide of your fingers on your skin.  

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips - $46.00
4 new shades and 2 limited edition shades available

A single swipe is all it takes to complete your sophisticated and alluring autumn look. Lunasol Full Glamour Lips comes in six new shades that smoothly adheres to your lips for a velvety soft pout. From soft and romantic 33 Soft Brown Rose to alluring temptress EX06 Mauve Cacao, the shades encompass the sweet decadence of chocolate and sets the tone for your elegant look. 

Lunasol Melty Chocolate Lips - $46.00
3 new limited edition shades available

The new Lunasol Melty Chocolate lips glides onto your lips in rich, lustrous chocolatey hues for an enviable look. Available in Milk Chocolate, Brown Chocolate and Rose Chocolate, your lips will be adorned with a glossy finish.

Lunasol Nail Finish N - $23.50
3 new shades and 2 limited edition shades available

Dip your fingertips into delightful pools of chocolate with the newest shades from Lunasol Nail Finish N. The creamy color your nails for an elegant finish to your look. It applies on smooth, is quick-drying and stays on fora classic refined look. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 NARS Fall Makeup Collection

Shadow Sticks - Hollywoodland, pale gold, Goddess, pink champagne, Aigle Noir, black infused with gold shimmer, Oaxaca, quartz, Sukhothai, shimmering peacock, Fibuste, black, Glenan, navy and Reykjavik, grey
Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows - Pasiphae, Shimmering peacock burgundy and Telesto, Brown with golden shimmer
Blush (Limited Edition) - Tribulation, Shimmery rosy sand

VIP Red Semi Matte Lipstick -  dark brique
Lip Gloss - Baby Doll,  shimmering candy pink and Chelsea Girl, pink beige

Thursday, July 30, 2015

ULTIMUNE EYE Power Infusing Eye Concentrate from Shiseido

Like your body, your skin has an immune system that functions less efficiently with time, environmental exposure, and stress. Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate uniquely strengthens the delicate skin around the eye area and helps protect against environmental stressors that can lead to wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of aging. This highly concentrated serum creates a deeply hydrating, dewy veil that helps protect against impurities and oxidation. It can also be used with other eye care products to enhance benefits and address concerns more effectively.
  • Shiseido’s exclusive Ultimune Complex™* is formulated with Bulgarian Rose Water, Aqua In Pool and Yeast to help protect, strengthen, and maintain healthy looking skin.
  • New ImuMoisture Extract™ helps enhance the effects of Ultimune Complex™ to uniquely strengthen the delicate skin around the eye area.
  • Formulated with a unique botanical power blend of Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, Shiso and Thyme.
  • For women of all skin types and all ages.
  • In 4 weeks: Skin around the eye looks healthier, firm and more resilient. Fine lines and wrinkles are less visible and the appearance of dark circles becomes visibly reduced.
  • To use: Apply morning and evening after cleansing, balancing skin and applying Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. Follow with eye cream that addresses targeted concerns.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dior Capture Totale Eye Serum

The 1st 360 degree light-up open-up eye serum. Based on the latest discoveries on stem cells, the eye serum, with its exclusive Dior applicator, is capable of recreating the dense elastic matter of the 360 degree eye contour area. With every application, all visible signs of again are corrected. The eyes open up. Their radiance and expressiveness are boosted. Instantly, the eyelids and arches of the eyelids are uplifted, and puffiness and dark circles are reduced. Wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin's texture becomes more even. Day after day, all visible signs of aging are corrected. The eyes lastingly 360 degree open up and are illuminated. 94% of women displayed an opening up of their eyes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Urban Decay Fall '15 collection

The Urban Decay Fall '15 collection brings Naked back - but with an amped up iconic UD edge. Think smoky eyes, strong brows and a sexy, matte lip. From light neutrals to deep dark shades, the Smoky look has never been oh-so-easy. Elevate your brow game with the Brow beater Microfine Brow Pencil that defines and Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel that grooms. For finishing touch - glide on creamy, luxurious and badass Revolution Matte Lipstick - you might just feel you rule the world. UD Fall '15 will be available at all Sephora stores island-wide in Singapore from 20 August2015. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cle de peau BEAUTE 2015 Autumn/Winter Collection.

The secret beauty of Venice. An untold romance colored in ancient hues. Whisper-soft textures delight in the interplay of light and shadows. Mysterious, yet revealing. Cle de peau BEAUTE 2015 Autumn/Winter Collection. 
La Beaute Venitienne - The alluring mysteries of Venice. A city of romance, miraculously floating on water. A labyrinth of ancient alleyways, intricate canals, and hidden bridges.
Queen of Adriatic - In the interplay of light and shadows, eternal secrets reveal a timeless beauty. This season's collection captures Venice's irresistible tug at your heart. Eyelids are adorned in opulent hues, hypnotics as the ebb and flow of the tides. A knowing smile is wrapped in diffused radiance and the elusive colors on a moonlit canal. New tales of adventure. A mysteriously haunting beauty! 

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