Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ombres Tissees - Iridescent Effects Eyes from LES AQUARELLES DE CHANEL

I've always love compact powder with a little shimmering! Great for brightening the area of the eyes or cheek that gives a much natural radiance look.
This unique illuminating powder from LES AQUARELLES DE CHANEL Makeup Collection adds captivating shimmer and iridescence to eyes and cheeks with pale pink and ivory tones. The harmony is embellished with a luminous layer of shimmer and embossed with an iconic woven tweed effect. Limited Edition.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sisley Phyto-Blanc Clearing Essence with Vitamin C

I've been using this for nearly two weeks, actually I can see some differences on my uneven skin skin after few days. Love it!!!
The formula, based on Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), works to lighten the complexion for a visibly improved radiant complexion. Extracts of white mulberry and scutellaria, both known for their extremely clearing properties are combined with extracts of Licorice which help soothe and soften skin. A box of eight vials, price at S$385.00 and each vial is enough for a week supply. How it works: Pop the powder C into the liquid solution of White Mulberry and Scutellaria by fitting the vials together, shake, about four to five drop for each application. Do remember to keep in the fridge once is open as the Vitamin C may go bad(change color) when under our humid and hot weather.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Diorskin Forever

Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup FOREVER

The delicate nature of her sensitive femininity is rivalled only by her spellbinding sensuality. With absolutely perfect skin and a captivating charm conveyed by an intense look, Natalie Portman is the very symbol of perfection according to Dior.

Naturally elegant, the actress possesses the grace of a perfect beauty, for whom everything seems to be tailor made.

In life as in art, on stage or on screen, her magnetic presence fascinates and captivates photographers and filmmakers.Determined, sensual and witty, her depth of character and irresistible beauty create immense screen presence. She is the model of perfection that Dior has chosen to represent Diorskin Forever.

Thanks to this new flawless perfection complexion, every woman can now aspire to a seemingly made to measure Haute Couture complexion.


Flawless Perfection - Fusion wear makeup - SPF 25 - PA +++


This new generation of long wearing fluid complexion has a delicate, soft texture that melts into the skin instantly providing an absolutely flawless complexion which remains stable throughout the day.

Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation $69

Natural Shades*: 010 Ivory, 011 Cream, 020 Light Beige, 021 Linen, 023 Peach, 030 Medium Beige


Flawless Perfection - Fusion wear makeup - SPF 25 - PA ++

In a veritable technological challenge, Dior has invented an exclusive fabrication procedure to integrate a record quantity of skincare into a powder texture. For the first time, a powder complexion provides all the benefits of skincare in an ultra-soft and creamy texture. It melts into the skin like a cream for a velvety, non-powder finish and an ideal sensation of comfort throughout the day.

Diorskin Forever Compact Foundation $90

Diorskin Forever Compact Refill $66

Natural Shades*: 010 Ivory, 011 Cream, 020 Light Beige, 021 Linen, 023 Peach, 030 Medium Beige



For the « Lip Blush » range, Dior has combined Diorskin Forever skincoloured pigments with coloured pigments. The lipsticks match skin tone perfectly for an instantly beautiful makeup.

This combination of complexion and lipstick provides a well-match and natural duo.

Diorskin Forever & Rouge Dior - Lip Blush
8 new luminous semi-transparent shades created with skincoloured pigments.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Moisture Surge Cream

For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Moisture Surge Cream contains Malachite extract and copper that could lock the moisture in and boost the vitality of skin. The patented ingredient Hydrergy™ nourishes the skin deeply. Supreme hyaluronic acid prevents the skin from drying. The trace elements containing water molecules get absorbed through the light-weight hydrophilic cream. Extreme Hydration Moisture Surge Cream could offer a full day of deluxe skin care and ensure radiance and well-being. Selling at Singapore Sephora, price at S$90.00 for 30ml.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sisleya Daily Line Reducer

This is a really miracle & wonderful product! Yes! It is shockingly expensive, but it does work!!!
I've been using this for only a few days and I can really see the result!
Sisleya Daily Line Reducer is a highly effective anti-wrinkle serum that helps reduce even the deepest facial lines. Infused with Lavender Oil and Wheat Protein, Sisleÿa Daily Line Reducer immediately provides a comforting sensation and freshness with both a smoothing and re-hydrating effect. After only 4 weeks, the skin is firmer and visibly smoother, with a more radiant complexion. Dehydration lines are erased and your skins youthful energy regained.
Price S$550 for 1.08oz

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kit Chan in Concert2011 - The Music Room

陳潔儀「想像空間」演唱會 Kit Chan in Concert 2011 "the music room" 門票現已在SISTIC公開發售! 請大家大力支持Kit相隔十年的第二個個人演唱會~~ www.sistic.com.sg
Kit Chan's much -anticipated solo concert - "The Music Room" - will be staged at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre in Oct 2011. This show takes a decidedly different and fresh approach from the typical Mando-pop concert, which is obsessed with spectacular pyrotechnics and myriad costume changes to keep the audience entertained. Kit, who is known for her soulful vocals and mesmerizing performance style, will present a show that is emotionally and musically evocative, with minimalist theatrical-style lighting and a 9-piece band that will be mainly acoustic. Her repertoire will span her 18-year career, and 3 languages.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Black Rose Cream Mask from Sisley

Sisley will be launching this "Black Rose Cream Mask" in Oct2011. Was invited for a wonderful facial done by the well train staff - "Chi- Ki". Really enjoy the luxury facial!
For days when the face is tired, lined, and drawn with sallow complexion, Sisiley has an immediate solution: A new soothing skincare mask which instantly refreshes, smoothes and energises the face thanks to its plumping formula rich in trace elements, vitamins and anti-aging ingredients. Extract of Black Rose- the key active ingredient with smoothing, anti-free radical properties for an instant tensor effect! This extract is combined with:
* Alkekengi Calyx(Sisley exclusive)is rich in polyphenols and renowned for it anti-free
radical and anti-collagenase properties, as well as for its metabolic activity - stimulates
synthesis of collagen types I and III.
* Extract of Padina pavonica, uses cellular communication to boost the synthesis of GAGs in the fibroblasts and form an effective water reservoir for skin.
* Vitamin E Acetate, reinforces skin's natural defenses.
* Extract of Red Vine leaf to tone and improves radiance.
* Extract of Chorella, a marine microalgae rich in trace elements(Copper,Manganese and
Zinc), vitamins and amino acids.
* Essential oil of Geranium with stimulating properties.
* Extract of Great Mullein(Sisley exclusive), with anti-free radical and smoothing
properties, is used in this skincare for its ability to prepare and protect skin in the morning
as well as provide a feeling of soothing comfort at night.
* Shea butter, pro-vitamin B5, Vegetable Glycerine and Phytosqualane.
* Essential oils of Rose and Magnolia to soothe and soften skin.
This Black Rose Cream Mask(60ml), retail price is S$185

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