Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kit Chan in Concert2011 - The Music Room

陳潔儀「想像空間」演唱會 Kit Chan in Concert 2011 "the music room" 門票現已在SISTIC公開發售! 請大家大力支持Kit相隔十年的第二個個人演唱會~~
Kit Chan's much -anticipated solo concert - "The Music Room" - will be staged at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre in Oct 2011. This show takes a decidedly different and fresh approach from the typical Mando-pop concert, which is obsessed with spectacular pyrotechnics and myriad costume changes to keep the audience entertained. Kit, who is known for her soulful vocals and mesmerizing performance style, will present a show that is emotionally and musically evocative, with minimalist theatrical-style lighting and a 9-piece band that will be mainly acoustic. Her repertoire will span her 18-year career, and 3 languages.

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