Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Inside Liner!

Just found this from a Japanese magazine! Really interesting!! Not sure does this really work on people with oily eyelid? Or is it really safe to apply so close to the inside eyes area?  
If you can understand Japanese you can view the link below:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My favorite movie- The color purple!

Can't really remember when was my first time watching this movie? But was watching it again today on HBO chanel. Is one of my favorite movie so far!!! 
Heart-wrenching and universally loved, The Color Purple isn't really about the color purple. It's about the trials and tribulations of black women in the turn-of-the-century south, and how they conquered over all the abuse, the poverty, and the lack of anything resembling a life. 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What are all the 2008 Autumn colors look like?

                                   Shu Uemura
                                   Paul & Joe
                                   Laura Mercier
                                   Beaute de Kose
                                   Helena Rubinstein
                                   Cosme Decorte
                                   Bobbi Brown
                                    Anna Sui

Here are some of the cosmetics brands I've gather which I think most women will like to know what's the latest 2008 Autumn colors look like? Enjoy! :) 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My latest love of makeup foundation!

Have tried so many makeup foundations for years but I must really say this is really my latest loved! "Refining Fluid Foundation" from Cle de peau BEAUTE! 
A liquid treatment foundation that provides a flawless,radiant finish as if the quality of the skin has improved. Provides drewy moisture & a feeling of resilience. 
For asian skin tone best to select from 010,020 or 030. 
Only selling at Singapore Takashimaya. Retail price at S$200.  

Meeing up with Ann Kok in KL!

 Was in KL for Olay events & really happy to have chance to meet up Ann Kok -she's filming in KL for three months! Poor girl have been sufferring from sensitive skin reacting beacuse of her room in KL. Don't know how she can take it? I'm only there for just one week & I've lots of complain already! Too much MSG in their food! Anyway was really great to go out with her during her day off! 加油Ann!   

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Laneige: Fall makeup collection 08 – Snow Magic

Just receieved the information about Laneige fall makeup collection 08-Snow Magic!
Yet to try the textures but the packaging really impressed me!
Look like this coming season's colors are towards the brozny 80's earth tone look!

Cle De Peau BEAUTE 2008 A/W looks!


Love this two new looks from Cle De Peau BEAUTE! "Attitude Sensuelle" Inspired by the artful grace of ballerina. This is the mood of the moment. Full of peotry & dancing sensuality! Captured in the air as it reflects the iridescent light of wintry sun, embodied in a dancer's pose,the intensity in her eyes,the gentle poise of sculpted lips. It is a look of beauty that becomes a way of being. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coverage of Olay in BangKok Post Today newspaper!

Just came back from Jakarta & KL-Malaysia for Olay events. Was very excited but tired as well. Just wanna thank the great team from P&G, Leo Burnett, all the press support & the other three beauty experts from Thailand, Indonesia & Phillipine. I've a great time & hope all of you too! 
Here's some coverage of the Olay event in BangKok Post Today Newspaper.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Olay Total Effects!

Was given these range of products to try some times ago! Was quite amaze by the textures at first, after using it for some times I found that these range of skin care products are really quite good! As I first tested the anti-ageing stretch mask which I've review in my earlier post- 5 stars for the mask!!!! Now I'm in love with the serum & gentle moisturizer with SPF. Really good for people with dull & dehydrated skin. Have introduce it to some of my friends & clients, given nows day most things prices have increased & if you really thinking of something good & not too pricy, you can consider these range of skin care products. 
Now I wish Olay Singapore can bring in more of the other ranges of Olay's products which only selling at the other countries! :p     

Treillis - the Monogramouflage bag from LV

It's been a while since my last shopping in LV! Guess my last time buying things from them was nearly two years ago... 
This is now my favorite & new love! hehehe....   

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jacelyn Tay on Icon cover!

I'm alway glad to work with Ms Jacelyn Tay for photo shoot! We always have so much to discuss about health & skin care. She's really a very knowlegeable & hard working artist. You rock girl! :)

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