Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to apply this colors?

Recently there's a few cosmetics brands who have come out those mixture colors palette! 
Some one was asking me how should they use it? In fact beside good looking the palette you see, you can either choose the particular color you prefer to apply according or you also can mix up all the colors tone to apply directly! Of course the mixing up will gives you a bit different looks, yet it can be a bit messy as well! My idea way will be choosing those darker tone to apply near the lash line, follow by the medium tone on eye socket & the lighter one on brow bone!


chrissie said...

hi Andy, love your blog. you're really sweet to respond to everyone's enquiries.

i have some questions..

is it better to use foundation brush or fingers to apply liquid foundation?

which under-eye concealor would you recommend for dark under-eye circles?

Thanks so much/ =)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi chrissie

Thanks for your support!
Whether you're using finger or brushes to apply liquid foundation depend on your skill.
I've tried both way but still prefer using fingers as I can feel how much/how thick I've applied.
As for concealer - I love "cle de peau BEAUTE" from Takashimaya ! Is expensive but good coverage yet not too drying.
The other one will be "CoverMark" from Pias. I think Takashimaya use to carry it but not sure still have now? Or John Little Marina Square have it as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

Which foundation and concealor is good for a good coverage for pigmentation.

Is it better to use a liquid one?

Thank you.

Geeko said...


Would like to seek your advice and review before buying Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadows (the ones in the pot).

Have you used them before and what are your reviews on them?

Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy,

hope you can give me some tips =)

my face is quite "long" which make my face look very skinny. Anyways to make my face to look rounder?

Thanks alot =)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Geeko

Sorry for late reply I just come back from oversea.
Yes I've tried Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshdaows. I actually use it as a eye base before applying the other powder eyeshadow to make it last longer. If using it alone I found it too light in tone. So depend on what you really want? Thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Lene

For long & skinny face shape is best to have hair fringe to shorten the face shape.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

For the person who's looking for foundation,

You can try covermark at John little marina square.

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