Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coverage of Olay in BangKok Post Today newspaper!

Just came back from Jakarta & KL-Malaysia for Olay events. Was very excited but tired as well. Just wanna thank the great team from P&G, Leo Burnett, all the press support & the other three beauty experts from Thailand, Indonesia & Phillipine. I've a great time & hope all of you too! 
Here's some coverage of the Olay event in BangKok Post Today Newspaper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

May I know what is the difference between make up base and foundation. Is it a must to use make up base before the foundation.

Thank you.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Makeup base is a base you apply before foundation as this usually will help to make the foundation last longer! Beside that, some of the makeup base may also have the great effects of smoothing lines, minimise open pores,even out skin tone. Thus is great to use a makeup base before foundation!

elina said...

Hello! Long time since i came to your blog. Hope you are doing fine!

Liyun said...

Hi Andy,

I would like to know more about BB cream, basically what is it. Is it the same as make-up base. What is the different?

Currently, I am using the maybelline make-up base but my skin condition is very oily. After applying, the 珠光分子 in the make-up base make my face look even more oily.

So was wondering do you have any recommend and makeup base is better or the BB cream? I don't really like to put on makeup so i using the make-up base to even out my skin tone.

Thank you.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Elina, I'm very well. Thank you very much!

To Liyun
BB cream is Blemish Balm cream. It started as for people ho've gone thru skin treatment that causes the skin to be too sensitive to apply makeup but yet they need something to even out their skin redness/uneven tone. If your skin is very oily & don't like to put on too heavy makeup,this type of BB cream will be better! But try to select those without shimmer type so it won't look too oliy after you apply! You can go to Marina Sq John Little to look for BB cream, they've a few brands there!

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