Monday, December 29, 2008

Chanel Pink Lame eye shadow

Eyeshadow combining 3 powdery shades: pink, silvery grey and golden pigments.

PINK LAMÉ features an "amethyst pink grey shade with an iridescent effect". Its unique quality comes from its very creation.
The makeup effect itself is not "lamé" as the gold and silver blend with the pink. This soft-effect mixture is suitable for all skin tones for which a light shine provides special radiance.

The look of this unique creation takes up the irregular surface and weaving effects of CHANEL lamé...

Emphasized by a deep black or plum mascara, apply the dense, intense PINK LAMÉ shade as a flat tint for a mirror effect on eyelids.
It can also be traced around the rims of the eyelids, along the upper or lower lashes, to bring out the twinkle of the eyes.

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Anonymous said...

this looks beautiful. Is it available in stores yet? the last time i asked recently, they haven heard of it. Sad.

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