Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dior Capture XP 2012

Start the new year by re-plumping skin from outside and within with the best possible filler material – your own.

This year, Dior adds a revolutionary ingredient, Galanga, to its top anti-ageing stem cell line, Capture XP. This rhizome from the ginger family acts directly on fibroblast, ordering them to increase hyaluronic
acid production two-fold, filling out skin visibly.

This works together with TP-Vityl, an exclusive Dior molecule that protects epidermal stem cells to transform skin and reduce wrinkles in one hour! The four new additions to the line are Capture XP Ultimate Deep Wrinkle Serum, Normal to Combination Skin Day Creme, Dry Skin Day Creme, and Eye Creme.


A soft and fluid gel with a tightening effect, which immediately sinks into the skin to intensely correct cracks. Even the deepest wrinkles are smoothed. $199


Available in two textures. The cream for normal to combination skin, is delicate and creamy, providing an

extremely smoothing, matifying softness. The cream for dry skin is a dense and generous balm. It provides intense, plumping comfort and protects the skin. “It fills from within,” relaxing and plumping the face, and

smoothing the exterior to immediately soften lined features. $180


A gentle and comfortable tightening veil which concentrates all of its action on the most fragile zone of the face. It “fills the micro-contours from within,” smoothing out and relaxing the eye zone whilst smoothing the surface of crow’s feet for fresh, serene eyes. A soft and fresh perfume, which envelops the skin without being overpowering, has been chosen for all the XP products. A slice of happiness to complement that of delightful texture. $115

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