Thursday, July 5, 2012

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Full Ampoule

This milky liquid ampoule is made up of diminutive molecules that enable it to weave in between tight binding cells. Dehydrated skin revitalises and the skin firms up and plumps up just like how your thirst quenches with a bottle of water. Love the non-oily/sticky feeling yet great moisturizing effect!

With Phragmites Communis Extract to prevent pre-mature aging by protecting it from osmotic stress and external stressors such as the UV exposure, it also strengthens cell membranes, and Poria Cocos also known as Fu Ling mushroom functions to tighten the intercellular junctions to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. It is anti-inflammatory and has been used by the Chinese in their traditional herbal medicine for centuries. Both the Phragmites Communis and Poria Cocos are known for their medicinal values in treating skin diseases.

The Water Bank Moisture Full Ampoule can be used day and night daily. Release a substantial amount of liquid onto your palm and applying over the face. It’s perfect for intensive moisture care. A pack comes in 10 bottles of ampoules.

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