Monday, May 19, 2008

Please help the victims of china earthquake!

 I've been very sad & down for the past week because of this disaster ! Was passing all this area last year when I'm on my way to "Jiu Zhai Gou" ! Not sure how are all this people that I've met & all the lovely children? Just pray that they're ok (which I don't think so!!!) 
Please! Please! If you can please help those who need our help now! 
(Pic 1. The lovely children on their way to school)
(Pic 2. Some village people selling fruits on the road side)  

Donations for China Disaster

1. 新加坡佛教居士林

电话: 67372630 or log on

Cash/Walk-in Donations or Cheque.

地址: 17/19 Kim Yam Road (Near River Valley)

BUS: 32, 195

2. 新加坡红十字会 (Singapore Red Cross

电话: 6334-9152/53 or email:

UOB Internet Banking via

地址: 15 Penang Lane

BUS: 7, 14, 124, 174, 175, 502

3. 新加坡中国大使馆

地址: 新加坡东陵路150号

自动咨询电话:6479 3250,6479 5910,6479 2353

Log on:

Bank of China Singapore Branch


Address: 150 Tanglin Road

BUS: 111,132


“Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund -- Chinese Embassy”。



Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I think you are great! At this difficult time you are doing your part to help the China victims. I am sure your fans who read your blog will do their part too to help the poor victims!

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

感谢大家! 不管你是那一个国家,那一种族,我相信当你知道有这样的灾难发生时,多少都会感到心痛!只希望在这个时后,大家能尽自己的能力,去帮住四川的灾民们,谢谢你们!

Adeline said...

Dear Andy

Hope that you are well.

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I would appreciate it if you could advise what brands offer both generally good concealing and mositurising properties? They are used to cover my dark eye circles and this area tend to be a bit dry also.

As well as if there are brands here that have 珠光 properties?

Thanks in advance Andy!

Have a wonderful weekend.. :-)

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