Tuesday, June 26, 2007

about vitamin C from U-care

I use to have uneven skin tone, heard so much about those whitening products & also have tried many brands. So far I think this is one of the skin care product that really show me the different on my skin!
"U-care C23.8" is a concentrade serum that you'll have to mix with a emulsion cream before you apply onto your skin! I can really see my skin look brighter after a week of using this product! If you've sensitive skin pls ask for sample from the counter girl to try before you get it! But so far I don't really have problem with it!
I've also been using their Fresh cleansing oil which I think is really great! Removed all kind of makeup & dirt! Can contact the company at 065-68422902.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Whereabouts can we find this product?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Fiona

They used to sell at Sasa but at the moment the company who carrying this products have some changes. Anyway you can call 065-68422902 to check with them. Thanks!

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