Sunday, August 5, 2007

La Mer's latest ultraluxe eye treatment - The Eye Concentrate!

Went for an intimate session to unveil La Mer's latest ultraluxe eye treatment - The Eye Concentrate few days ago!

I ususally don't really believe in all this eye treatment staff but after the one hour session with "La Mer" - I'm convinced!! It really work on me!! Best of all is not greasy like most eye cream does!

This is really a product that I can't live without from now on( or I should say til the next new wonderful eye product that can beat it!)

If you've lines around yr eyes area & always look tired - you must give this a try!! But sorry you've to wait til next month than you can get it from Tangs Orchard & Robinsons Centrepoint. Selling at S$285.

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sharon said...

Miss you andy! I´m in Spain studying now..another month to go and i will fly back to Singapore!!Can´t wait to see u again..

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