Saturday, April 19, 2008

Simply Her "Lilin's cover".

Did Lilin's makeup for May08 issue of SimplyHer cover! Have been a while since my last favorite magazine cover's makeup done by me. Hope you'll love it as I do! Really great fun working with Lilin & photographer Aik Chen! 


Anonymous said...

Hi andy ! :D
How are you (:

Can i know where to make good eyebrowns with affordable prices ?

I've seen banners outside beauty salon on triming of eyebrowns but i don't want mine to be trim ones .

I heard there's some kind of treatment which beauty salon helps customers to make their eyebrown look nice and natural (pamanent ones) . Not those tatoos one .

In chinese it's call XIU MEI . Not the one which means triming . it's another pronunciation .

I hope you understands *.*

Thank youu !

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Sorry I don't really know & advise people to go for “綉眉”. Even this a better technic of tattooing the eyebrow. You won't know how's the beauty/fashion trends next time & if you've done that than it won't be able to change it forever! On top of it I heard is quite painful!

Anonymous said...

hi andy, but why they photo-shop lilin's cover so much tt it doesnt look like her at all?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Personally I find it quite ok/nice for the cover but not the inside pictures!

Anonymous said...

hi andy,

actually do we need toner or not har?

im quite confused. ive oily-combination skin. so shld i use a toner or lotion or whatever they call it?

any gd suggestion?

what do u think abt preservative free skin care? seems like only fancl has it?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Yes! We all need toner but choose those without alcohol. Toner helps to prepare/soften the skin after your cleansing in order for the better penetration of moisturizer, follow by sun block. Fancl's quite good!

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