Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Olay to offer limited quantity of its revolutionary anti-ageing formulation to Singapore consumers

First hundred consumers will be amongst the firsts in the region to test benefits of new Olay Regenerist Serum

Olay, the trusted skincare brand renowned for its proven benefits, is releasing a limited number of bottles of its latest, revolutionary anti-ageing formulation in a one-day only offer several weeks before its island-wide launch.
Limited quantity of its new Olay Regenerist Serum will be made available in selected outlets prior to its island-wide launch. A 50 per cent discount on its retail price will be an added bonus for first-in-line 100 consumers.
The one-day limited offer will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis at special Olay Regenerist counters at Watsons at Ngee Ann City Basement 2 and Guardian Centrepoint at Basement 1 on Saturday, October 25 starting at 12pm. Fifty bottles of the new Olay Regenerist Serum will be made available in each of the outlets above for the first-on-line consumers.
The New Olay Regenerist range, which includes the Cream Cleanser, Regenerist Cream, Eye Lifting Serum and Night Firming Cream, will only be available in the Singapore market in mid-November.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

Which mosituriser is good to use for travelling to cold country. I will be travelling to USA on end of November.

Thank you

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Depend on what's yr skin type & age as well? But best to get something richer like this Olay Regenerist range(for age 30-50 onwards)

Anonymous said...

hi andy,

i just bought a foundation brush from mac and it seems i hav no idea how to use it..

the mac girl told me that i can mix water with their liquid foundation to achieve a better converage but didnt tell me how much water and ligquid foudnation should i mix together.

can u teach me how to use?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Sorry I've not used water to mix with liquid foundation so far...not sure how it can work as in better coverage if you going to dilute the liquid foundation? Maybe you should go back to MAC & check with the MAC girl?

Anonymous said...


i went back to the mac counter but the girl was not ard.. so.. hmm..

oh oaky.. maybe i heard wrongly : ). but using brush will give a better coverage? how do u use it? : )>

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

normally dab & blend is the way I do it but you may need some practice to acheive better result!

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