Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm so honoured to recieve this luxury skin care product & have been using it for a while & is really work wonder on my skin!
Miraculous skincare based on the vines of Yquem. Twenty-five years of studying antioxidants led Dior Research to Yquem, an exceptional vineyard that has the gift of regenerating and improving itself year after year. From the Yquem vines, Dior has extracted a unique composition of 10 antioxidant and regenerating molecules contained in the sap of the shoots. Therein lies the miracle: a formula with extraordinary effectiveness concentrated in two skincare products, the Extract and the Cream. And time becomes a creative ally: day after day, the regenerated skin becomes stronger and more beautiful, glowing with new light.
Pure and luminous, the Extract concentrates the antioxidant quintessence of L’Or de Vie Complex. Like a fine and delicate liquid, its golden nectar, with a satin touch, instantly melts into the heart of the epidermis. Bestowing softness, elasticity and brightness, it restores life to the skin.

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