Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dior AUTOMNE 2009


Very 30s, wildly glamorous…
Mystery fills the air with a trend toward elegance.
Dior makeup blazes with a passion for the late Twenties and early Thirties. It takes its inspiration from the unforgettable icons of Hollywood studios and the figureheads of the Jazz age. These are women of strong mind and flamboyant character.
Fall’s New Look revisits retro codes with a modern twist.
Flashback to this fascinating era… At the height of the Prohibition, emancipation was the order of the day. Women wore bobs, lame dresses and a profusion of sequins.

A vanity case just for the eyes
Inside are six textures designed to cater to every makeup whim: cream eyeliner, brow powder, matte eye shadow, two iridescent shadows and even a sparkly top coat. Depending on one’s mood, one can create a simple line and wear a single shade for a monochrome smoky look or layer colors freely for a progressive, custom look for day or night. Two dual-tip brush and sponge applicators make it easy to create and transform a look, from subtle shading to infinite precision along the lash line.
Dior Jazzclub comes in two spellbinding color stories, so that every woman can create the smoky eyes of the Années Folles to her liking.
001 Smoky Jazz
002 Purple Jazz

Ultra-graphic and penetrating, in smoky grey or purple, the eyes attract the gaze like a magnet.
Palette 5 Couleurs 173 Night Butterfly offers deep color in a harmony of mauve, grey and purple, highlighted by shimmering black. Fine, velvety powders ensure a satiny finish from morning to night.


jasmmy said...

Hi andy,

just to ask you that, how much is this palette costing? CD palette got so many different pricing. i'm confused.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Jasmmy

The CD Jazzclub is S$96.00, the 5-Couleur palette is S$89.00.

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