Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sisley SKINLEŸA Anti-aging lift foundation

A complexion enhanced by a high-precision foundation. Skin beautified by an anti aging skincare formula.

Sisley SKINLEŸA Anti-aging lift foundation(Non Comedogenic): all the Sisley skincare technology in a new foundation, as sheer and silky as a second skin and able to correct the visible signs of aging.A rich, satin-smooth, sensorial foundation for sheer, even skin. An exclusive skincare formula which minimises the signs of skin aging.

. Its new pigments are ultra-pure and benefit from a double coating based on amino acids (patented treatment) which ensures excellent colour, purity and perfect hold.

. New silicone gum provides a silky-glide texture, for an easy to apply and sensorial foundation.

. Silicone elastomers form an optically smoothing veil which minimises skin blemishes and reflects the light.

. Finally, soft-focus microspheres diffuse light in all directions, blurring wrinkles and fine lines and concealing blemishes.

1 - Immediately, Skinleÿa smoothes the skin surface thanks to:

. Oat extract with a 3D tensor effect.

With a very high molecular weight, this extract comprises a network of complex sugars and binds strongly and lastingly to the skin surface by creating a continuous, elastic and flexible film. Its three dimensional configuration adjusts perfectly to the skin surface texture for an instant smoothing effect.

2 - Skinleÿa revives complexion radiance:

. Tourmaline microcrystals stimulate the microcirculation.

. Vitamin A Palmitate regulates epidermal peeling.

Used simultaneously, these two active ingredients wake up” the complexion.

3 - Day after day, Skinleÿa combats the signs of aging thanks to an:

. anti-collagenase activity: extract of Alkekengi Calyx.

. anti-elastase activity: Willow Leaf extract.

. anti-glycation activity: Einkorn wheat.

Active ingredients selected for triple anti-free radical protection:

. extract of Alkekengi Calyx protects skin against free radicals that form as a result of chemically induced stress (pollution, tobacco) or UV radiation*.

. extract of Rhodochrosite, rich in Manganese, stimulates the activity of superoxide dismutase, a key enzyme in the skin’s natural antioxidant system.

. Tocopherol Acetate strengthens the skin’s anti-free radical defences.

4 - Skinleÿa moisturises and softens skin thanks to:

. extract of Cherry blossom is rich in sugars, and moisturizing.

. pro-Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol) and Alpha-Bisabolol with softening and soothing virtues.

This wonderful foundation will be launch in Sep 2011, price at $230.

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