Friday, November 25, 2011

Water Sleeping Pack_EX from Laneige

My skin gets really dehydrated recently, maybe the air-condition is too cold at my place. :p
Anyway, is good that I've this on hand, after a few night of using this Water sleeping pack, the skin become better! Applying it right before sleep time, the best state for skin transmission according to the skin circdian rhythm, maximizes the efficiency of overnight water supply. Water Sleeping Pack-EX deeply hydrates fatigue and dry skin while Ceramide SLN formula strengthens the skin barrier.
- Antioxidant effect of Hunza Apricot Extracts helps brighten skin tone evenly by removing harmful oxygen and purifying skin.
- Recoverine from Chestnuts promotes turnovers of horny layers to remove dead cells away for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture.
- An aromatic essence compound exclusively developed by AMOREPACIFIC, Sleepscent™(Patent application No. 10-2009-0043726), helps to relax your mind and body and derive for a good sleep. A good sleep effect allowing sufficient relaxation eventually reinforces skin restoration for healthier skin condition. Essential oils from Orange Flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandal Wood etc. are contained in the Sleepscent™.
- Light gel-type texture without stickiness but moisture leaves you a comfortable sleep.


Katherine said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the review. I'd like to try this water sleeping pack!

amiro said...

i tried this last week! It moisturized & brighten my face! Best sleeping mask ever~ :D

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