Tuesday, August 14, 2012

RMK 2012 A/W Collection - Deep Iridescence.

The new expression of black this autumn is mysteriously willful and beautiful. This collection's shades are created by marrying a strong presence of dark with delicate luminosity of polarized pearl particles to give light reflecting transparency and a lift of color to the finish.

RMK Deep Iridescent Eyes - Seasonal Limited Edition of palette made with a gliding texture to fit perfectly on the eyes. The darker toned shade on the outer rim delivers a lucent black tone over the eye socket area. By layering the lighter toned shade, it magnifies the characteristic of black to create a deep impact. 01 Iridescent Brown, 02 Iridescent Deep Red, 03 Iridescent Navy, 04 Iridescent Deep Purple, 05 Iridescent Deep Green and 06 Iridescent Deep Gray.

RMK Creamy Sheer Powder Cheeks - The duo textured palette of cheek color which comes in cream and powder. This two hues work together to deliver definition and to enhance the glow of the natural skin. 01 Rose, 02 Pink Beige, 03 Coral Orange and 04 Beige Brown.

RMK W Irresistible Lips - (Seasonal Limited Edition) Deliciously candy-like double layered lipstick with the outer layer provides rich vibrant coloration while the inner core provides the glossy texture. 01 Gold Pink, 02 Soft Pink Coral, 03 Beige and 04 Deep Red.

RMK Nail Color EX - P-31 Pure White, P-32 Burgundy and P-33 Navy.

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