Thursday, January 31, 2013

NARS Spring 2013 Collection

NARS Spring 2013 Collection shines with rich, hyper-saturated shades, welcoming the season with a dramatically modern palette. Jewel-toned cheeks pop. Lips sparkle in soft metallic rose or pout in sultry shimmering fuchsia. Nails shimmer in iridescent silver green. Eyes flash in pink or flirt in blue and green. The collection is an ode to bold color and a modern woman and as always purely NARS!

Bouthan - With the French name for Bhutan, the South Asian country wedged between China and India at the eastern end of Himalayas, this duo eyeshadow features a soft pink tulle and a bright pink with gold shimmer shade that can be applied wet or dry, alone or layered.

Mad Mad World - This vivid cyan and parakeet green duo eyeshadow is as wildly colorful as it's namesake 1963 American comedy film. Wear each bold shade solo or use one as a base and the other as a liner or accent - the combination is eye popping and unexpected.

Dressed To Kill - This fuchsia rose lipstick with gold shimmer is as dangerously seductive as the 19080 erotic crime thriller. written and directed by Brian De Palma for which it's named.

Seduction - This sexy, sangria-hued blush lends skin an alluring, come-hither flush.
Corcovado - This 24-karat gold soft touch shadow pencil gets its name from the mountain in Central Rio de Janeiro that's famous the world over for the 125- foot statue of "Christ the Redeemer" atop its peak. Use it as a base for layering with powder shadow, as a liner or accent, or to enhance color intensity.
Persia - Named after the country now known as Iran, this matte, paprika-colored eyeshadow evokes the history and culture of the empire that Cyrus the Great founded in the sixth century. Apply dry for a softer look or wet for a stronger effect.
Cythere - This irresistible, soft metallic rose velvet gloss lip pencil is inspired by the Greek Aegean island located between the Peloponnese Peninsula and Crete that's believed to be the birthplace of Venus, goddess of love. 
Disco Inferno - Iridescent silver green nail polish inspired by the Trammps 1976 song.

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