Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anna Sui 2013 Autumn Collection Theme - Rose Ring Rouge

It's Anna Sui Cosmetics 15th Anniversary this year and this Autumn Collection is a medley of all her truly iconic and extraordinary items from the past 15 years to show the great appreciation from fans' support. Anna would like to thank to all her fans by bringing the "gift and kisses". A beautifully designed like a luxurious antique piece of jewelry - a purple gem surrounded by Anna's beloved Rose Ring Rouge. This giant gothic style of ring is Anna's favorite and she wear it all the time. It also represents the best to the evolution of Anna Sui Cosmetics 15th Anniversary, the first debut of Ring Rouge was in 2001, the design was Anna Sui's signature rose blossom ring; Ring Rouge has also been launched in different designs and colors in different seasons after 2001. This new design emphasizes the classic gothic style of Ann Sui brand element that offers Clear Gloss Oil that provides a superior fit and forms a thick, even cosmetic film which ensures glamorous lips that stay glossy for a long time. Total of 8 shades and retail price at S$39.00 launching in Aug 2013.  

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