Friday, August 16, 2013

CYBER COLORS HD Aura Foundation Series from SaSa

Traditional foundation products aim merely at covering up facial imperfections deploying single direction reflection technology, resulting in dull and unhealthy skin looks, often with thick or non-conforming powder layer producing unnatural mask-like effect. With the global development that audio-visuals are going high-definition, so are foundation products such as makeup base. New generation multi-angle reflection technology helps to cover up imperfections, lifting and enhancing complexion’s inner radiance, empowering high definition nude makeup sparkling with three-dimensional healthy glow leaving a fresh and clear finish. 
The brand new HD Aura Foundation Series comprises 5 products, namely, makeup base, gel foundation, cream foundation, powdery foundation and finish powder, all of which are manufactured in Japan with the state-of-the-art technology. Unlike traditional foundation products relying on uni-direction reflection, Aura composite powder features 360° soft-focus reflection technology, enabling the blurring and covering of pores and fine lines on skin in a second, delivering you an absolutely flawless base makeup glowing with ultimate radiance. Specially derived to give high spreadibility, breathability,and concealability, and at the same time offering moisturizing ingredients to soften skin textures instantaneously. Resuming whiter nature, your skin will flourish with clear, smooth, and luminous finish viewing from any angle. SPF component is also added to give your skin extra protection from UV damage. 

3 Major HD Ingredients - Unique ingredients in HD Aura Foundation Series 

1. Aura Composite Powder (360° reflection enhances the concealing effect) 
2. Polyurethane powder (fills up fine lines, covers imperfection) 
3. Effective moisturizing ingredient (prevents the loss of moisture, giving your skin a bright and watery radiance that lasts all day long) 

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