Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Daily Dose™ serum from SKIN Inc

Skin Inc is the world's first Skin Supplement Bar offering highly concentrated, 100% pure and active serums and skincare from Japan. Their customised skincare solutions empower time-starved individuals to create their own fuss-free skincare regimes, delivering maximum results. Everyone's skin is different, so individual skin identities and their needs are addressed with products and treatments that are targeted at delivery to the skin's deeper layers where it matters. Treatments are conducted using state-of-the-art non-invasive technology that delivers sustainable results, rivalling other invasive procedures.
Skin Inc's award-winning Encapsulated Serums contain active ingredients that are kept fresh and 'on-call' inside skin-nurturing, moisture-rich kelp capsules. Using patented technology from Japan, the seaweed capsule carries and protects three or more active ingredients from harmful UV rays and oxidation, releasing its contents to the skin cells only upon application, ensuring you always receive the optimum concentration of nutrients.
What's more unique, these serums can be mixed together to address multiple skin concerns in a single bottle we call your My Daily Dose™
For them to understand more about your skin and for you to create your very own  My Daily Dose™ serum, discover your skin identity with just a short and simple online SKINCheck at :

I just received my very own "My Daily Dose"serum from Skin Inc and apply it last night, this morning I can really feel the great different on my skin texture! Is much smoother and soft now. My Daily Dose Serum is a blend of :
(1) Revitalise Placenta(20ml) - Plant-based placenta restrains melanin production - the cause of skin pigmentation - and activates the growth of new skin cells to tackle dullness. Skin becomes clearer, brighter and more even-toned. 
(2) Regenrate Vitamin A(20ml) - A lack of vitamin A causes skin to become coarse and sluggish. Vitamin A keeps skin healthy by increasing cell metabolism and circulation, banishing dark circles, dryness and dullness.    
(3) Replenish Hyaluronic Acid (20ml) - Able to hold 6 litres of water per gram, hyaluronic acid binds moisture to skin for instant, lasting hydration from within. Lines are refined and skin is plump and smooth.

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