Thursday, September 25, 2014

Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation and Total Radiance Loose Powder from Shiseido

Future Solution LX from Shiseido will be launching a very special foundation in autumn.winter 2014 - Total Radiance Foundation and Total Radiance Loose Powder. This foundation regenerates radiance, achieving ultimate smooth. light-filled skin. It illuminates you genuine beauty even more everyday. 
Future Solution LX is Shiseido’s most prestigious skincare line, and for the first time, they are introducing base makeup to this luxurious range. This new foundation and loose powder are unlike any conventional base makeup, as it combines the best of Shiseido’s skincare technology to give birth to the most revolutionary skincare-like makeup.
Skingenecell 1P is the only ingredient that can inhibit Serpin b3, the age-inducing factor present within skin cells. It improves cells from their foundations and improves the skin's inherent ability to become beautiful.
4MSK is an ingredient that reduces melanin production, and helps skin excrete melanin that builde up within the cells. It also helps reduce dark spots and improves uneven skin tone. 
For the loose powder was formulated with carefully selected delicate, high-quality, ultra-fine powder particles: Aura Radiance Powder, Time Match Powder and Photochromic Powder. With Uji-green tea extract(for anti-oxidation), Super Bio Hyaluronic Acid(for moisturization) and Glycyrrhiza extract(for brightening). The special puff made of the high quality Kyoto Nishijin fabric to pick up and applies the ideal amount of powder precisely and evenly for superb adhesion and wearability.  

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