Thursday, October 23, 2014

Etude House Disney Princess Collection

Revel in the realm of fairytale with these enchanting beauty products to let your inner princess shine! Inspired by the happy endings and the princess' characteristics in fairytales, this coveted collection consists of four different lines - Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine which include an assortment of BB cream, mascara, blushers, lipsticks and nail polishes to prepare every lady for a Royal Highness makeover. Etude House has also gone an extra mile with its packaging by having an intricate storybook concept and customized iconic bar code for each princess line, reinforcing their strengths in offering unique and feminine packaging for their customers.
Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit - Available in two shades to suit Asian skin tones (N02 Light Beige and W13 Natural Beige), this 3-in-1 BB cream has been developed with whitening, sun protection (SPF30/PA++) and wrinkle care properties to reduce the appearance of age, blemishes and even out skin fairer and brighter. The incorporation of Slim Layer Fit Formula, Optical Oil and Bamboo Tree Sap also helps to provide a clear, radiant and moisturized skin without feeling cake. Price $27.00 each.  
Fairy Glitter Shadow - Brighten the peepers with its luminescent particles, this jelly-like glitter eyeshadow comes in three highly pigmented shades - Pink(#1 Pink Glass), Gold(#2 Magic) and Brown(#3 Evening). Its soft and moist texture glides on smoothly and evenly on the eyelids, and prevents the eyeshadows from setting into the fine lines. Start small by adding it as a liner a accent or go all out for a gorgeous and glamorous look. $13.00 each.
Lash Perm Proof Shockcara - Enhance your peepers with this high performance limited edition packaged mascara as it incorporates Super Locking Technology that offers a stronger waterproof effect for a long-lasting eye makeup throughout the day. It is also complemented with the high elastic Blue Motor Brush, which features the bristles in 12 directions, to create bold and voluminous lashes easily without clumping. Price $24.00
Rose Cheek Blusher - Give you cheeks a healthy, natural and radiant flush with Belle's Rose cheek Blusher. Available in two shades (#1 Pink Rose and #2 Coral Rose), the blusher created using Straight Dough Method technology which combines ultra-fine silicone powder, porous powder and shimmering pearls to produce a soft texture for a smooth application. It also contains Vitamin E derivatives which moisturizes and protects the skin from dryness. Price $16.00 each

Apple Red Lips - Formulated with a natural oil ingredient extracted from pine tree sap to protect and moisturize the pout, this red lipstick also contains a mix of Volume Powder and Viscosity which offers a vivid color pigmentation, leaving the lips a rich and radiant finish. Price $17.00

Purple Rose Lips - With the same formulation as Apple Red Lips. The bold hue is perfect for the office and evenings out, which guarantees to put you in the limelight. Price $17.00
Snow White Nail Kit - This whimsical nail kit includes two mini bottles of delectable scarlet hues (#1 Apple Red and #2 Kissing Pop Red) to mix and match to create lovely details. Alternatively, add sweet excitement with the included apple-print nail stickers for a picture-perfect manicure. Price $12.00 per set.
Cinderella Nail Kit - This enchanting nail kit includes two mini bottles of iridescent lacquers (#1 Blue Dress and #2 Glass Slipper) to pamper your digits with an elegant touch. Top it off with the silver and blue stones included in the kit for a limitless nail art creativity. Price $12.00 per set.
Belle Nail Kit - A great way to add a pop of colors to your outfit with this fanciful nail kit that includes two mini bottles of sweet hues (#1 Purple Rose and #2 Pink Rose). Jazz up the digits further by adding the startling color changing stickers included in the kit. The stickers are pink at room temperature and changes into deep Burgundy under 25degree C. Price $12.00 per set.
Jasmine Nail Kit - This set contain two mini bottles of exotic polishes (#1 Antique Mint and #2 Magic Lamp). Style your nails further with the complemented gold nail stickers, especially the genie's lamp motifs, will sure to get you noticed. Price $12.00 per set. 

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