Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ultimune from Shiseido

Have been using this Ultimune serum from Shiseido since the day I received during their launch. It really work on me! 

Like your body, your skin has its own immune system to defend against aging, environmental threats and emotional stress. This immune system is complex, involving various cells. Among them, skin’s Langerhans Cells play a vital role. Ultimune is the first and only product ever created to directly approach Langerhans cells to enhance the power source behind your skin’s immunity. 
Shiseido has long been a pioneer in the research of skin immunity. Now, with 20 years of research behind it, Ultimune forges new ground in the science of beauty. A preventative approach to skincare was taken, to focus on the cells that regulate skin’s immunity.
With their innovative Ultimune Complex™ boosts the power of these cells to enhance skin’s multi-defensive power, now and over time.
This exclusive technology combines a unique botanical blend of gingko, Japanese shiso, and aromatic thyme to protect, strengthen and maintain healthy-looking skin.
When your skin immunity is in its optimal condition, the skin demonstrates the four natural defensive powers at best—to resist, protect, regenerate and strengthen. Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate reignites this multi-defensive power to resist future damage and bring out your skin’s ultimate beauty.
Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate’s remarkable effects have been proven by clinical tests. Compared against skin without Ultimune, skin with Ultimune shows an increase in Multi-Defensive Power— the older the user, the higher skin’s multi-defensive power becomes with the use of Ultimune.

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