Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull White Mela Perfect Serum & Zero Sebum Line

Because every girl deserves only the best, ETUDE HOUSE bottles Moistfull White Mela Perfect Serum with some of the best active ingredients in the world of brightening and hydration. Pearl and Lavender Extracts corrects blemishes and spots while kissing the skin with glowing radiance! Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen nourishes and further hydrates your skin to keep it ever youthful, supple and bouncing with vitality! A good dose of Vitamin C Derivatives helps to lighten your skin naturally, penetrating deep into skin for a luminous effect everyone will notice! 
ETUDE HOUSE presents the new Zero Sebum Line, a range that helps eliminate sebum so you can enjoy sebum-free skin inside and out! Excessive sebum is the cause of common skin woes like oily skin, enlarged pored and acne are the top three skincare concerns amongst youths. 
With the new ETUDE HOUSE Zero Sebum Line, these concerns will be a thing of the past! You will no longer feel the need to blot or make a quick run to the powder room. This new range is a complete solution that fights sebum build-up that every ETUDE girl dreams of! The range can be used both pre make-up and post make-up and works magically to giveyour skin thatbeautiful, matte finish that last all day.

The Zero Sebum Line rescues all princesses against sebum build up with a three prong approach – Remove, Control and Absorb! Equipped with active ingredients such as Sugar Polymer, Cotton Flower and Mixed Herb Extracts, the Zero Sebum Line effectively ensures your skin stays Sebum-free and pretty throughout the day. 
Sugar Polymer with Plankton Extract absorbs the sebum above the skin to help skin remain powdery all day long. The Cotton Extract prevents skin damage caused by sebum while the Mixed Herb Extract helps to relax and soothe skin, with an added antibacterial effect so that your skin gets the protection and care it truly deserves 

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