Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shu Uemura Skin Perfector

As the pioneer of cleansing oils, Shu Uemura harnesses the power of oils and fuses it together with a half a century of oil expertise to create this unique skincare oil, skin perfecter. the Shu Uemura Atelier finally unlocks this untold truth about oils. it’s a time-honored trade secret among professionals backstage. This cutting-edge oil is not only beneficial as a skincare, but it also has the ability to enhance makeup finish. A blend of essentail oils, lemons, green mandarin & peppermint awaken your senses while lavender, sage and
geranium silently deliver a relaxing moment like nothing ever experienced before. 
The Shu Uemura Atelier together with our talented laboratory team, boosting finely honed skills and sensitivities, carefully handpicked 8 essential oils and 2 botanical oils one by one from more than 200 kinds of oils to find the perfect formula. Quickly and deeply penetrates the skin cloaking it in a thin veil. Instantly skin feels moist-soft and smooth. 
Feel the difference in your skin thanks to an instant and long-term efficacy. Wake up in the morning to instantly soy t, smooth and translucent skin enabling evenly-fit foundation with a natural makeup finish. At night, it protects the skin like an intensive oil mask infusing moisture while you sleep. Day by day the skin’s surface is smoother and refined. a gentle skin softness from within is drawn out resulting in supple and plump skin.
Use 2-3 drops in the morning & 4-5 drops at night. Applying this skin perfector last step in skincare & before makeup.

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