Friday, May 13, 2016

NARS 2016 Summer Makeup Collection - Under Cover

An art collaborations by François Nars and a contemporary artist Konstantin Kakanias, inspired by a glamorous  French Riviera for 2016 NARS Summer Makeup Collection " Under Cover".  A special edition packaging with makeup products of Dual-Intensity eye shadows and blushes and a brand new product for the brand – Lip Cover. 

Dual Intensity Eye Shadows - Topless (Seashell pink), Pool Shark (Iridescent periwinkle), 
                                                        Tan Lines (Rich hazelnut) and Deep End (Shimmering teal green).

Dual-Intensity Blush - Sexual Content (Sandy peach/Soft raspberry) and Liberation (Light shimmering pink/Caramel rose)

Lip Cover - High pigment liquid lipstick. Lip Cover delivers saturated slicks of coastal color steeped in exclusivity and ease. Rich and lustrous. Luminous finish.
Do Not Disturn (Vivid orange red), Overheated (Deep dusty rose), Get Dirty (Desert rose) and Members Only (Crimson).

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