Thursday, July 12, 2007

Manuka Honey

I bought this Manuka honey from NZ. Have been taking this since the last time I work with mediacorp artist Ms Jacelyn Tay. She's the one who told me about Manuka honey.
Honeys other than manuka owe their antibacterial properties to hydrogen peroxide produced by enzyme action in the honey. Hydrogen peroxide is broken down by an enzyme that is in the body's tissues. The unidentified manuka factor ('UMF®') is not broken down, so on a wound (as opposed to laboratory testing) manuka honey would be a lot more strongly antibacterial than other honey.The 'UMF®' in manuka honey penetrates skin tissues very easily, so it can reach bacteria in deep-seated infections, but the hydrogen peroxide in other honey does not. A wound will not heal if infected. Bacteria produce toxins, and cause inflammation which itself stops healing, causes pain, and causes fibrotic scarring. A honey with sufficient antibacterial potency stops all of these problems.
You can get it at some of the pharmarcy here.. Just saw them at Marina Square level 2. But price a bit more higher than NZ. :) You can read more information from

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