Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Sun is so HOT! HOT! HOT!

The sun is so so hot recently!! Lots of people I know don't wear sunblock which I think is very very BAD!!! I've been using sunblock even when I'm at home cos when the sun shine into yr windows or floor they'll reflex onto yr skin also! So if you don't want to age so fast & don't want to have uneven dark pigmentation on yr skin you better start wearing sun block daily!
I know lots of us who don't like to apply sun block because they make yr skin feel sticky or whitish.
Here's the two best sunblock I've tried!
Shiseido Anessa sunscreen SPF50+/PA+++(picture left) & Lancome UV Expert DNA shield SPF50/PA+++ (picture right)
Non oily, non sticky & no whitish finished!! But do Remember to use makeup remover to cleanse off til the end of the day cos normal facial soap doesn't removed those UV protection ingredients!

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sharon said...

Lancome all the way!!!
That's my fav too!!

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