Friday, January 25, 2008

Laneige Professional Make-up

This is one of my favorite lip gloss!! If you like shinny & shimmer!! This will be your new love!
Snow Crystal Shimmer Lip Gloss, 5g – S$30.00

Few among us are blessed with the gift of porcelain clear skin, radiant cheeks or mesmerizing eyes, while fewer are born perfect.

Fret not, come end January 2008, ladies from all walks of life will be spoilt for choice with Laneige’s wide range of SNOW CRYSTAL premium make-up. Make-up that not only conceals flaws, enhances one’s best features and boosts radiance, but doubles as a skincare.

It all started when the Laneige R&D team delved into the evolution of the SNOW CRYSTAL… added its proprietary Ceramide Repair Water system and magnificent Snow Crystal Powder… and thus birth SNOW CRYSTAL premium make-up.

Simple, long-lasting, hydrating, SNOW CRYSTAL comes in irresistible ritzy packaging that promises to deliver both the glitz with an aura as well as the radiance and glow from the continuous hydration that’s apparent in all of Laneige’s SNOW CRYSTAL make-up range.
Exclusive Launch at Isetan Stores from 18th January 2008
Available at islandwide from 25th January 2008


Adeline said...

Dear Andy

Hope this note finds you well. I am here again needing your help.

I would appreciate it if you could advise on a good eye brow and upper lip service provider for me. I am exhausting the current package with Browhaus. Together with my sister, we feel that there is inconsistency in the skill and service levels provided. As we really do not know how to maintain our brows, we are hopeful for alternatives based on your advice. Thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Adeline

Understand yr problem but so sorry I don't really know which salon have good brow shaping services! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Just discovered your blog and your video at omy. It's great. :)
I have some questions to ask hope you can answer my questions...
1) I have freakles and combination skin. Which kind of foundation and concealor should I use?(really like to cover my freakles very much) Any brands from open shelf to recommend? (budget ard $100)
2) Is the sequence correct -> Toner, whitening essence, Garnier light moisturizing lotion(SPF15), Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Pen(SPF15), sunscreen lotion SPF40. Do I need to add somemore?
Thank you in advance for answering my questions.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Shirley for yr support!
(1)To cover freckles you can try "Covermark"at John Little. "Covermark"'s from Japan & they've liquid,cream & powder foundation. You may like to go there to test it out whether you like the texture?The liquid type quite good in coverage & not too thick in texture but if that still can't cover yr freckles than you may need to try the creamy type.The price should be bellow S$100.
(2)The sequence is correct!

Adeline said...

Hi Andy

No worries at all. In case I do not have a chance to leave a note, here wishing you a wonderful CNY celebration and may the New Year brings you joy, good health and wishes come true! :-)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thank you very much Adeline! Same to you & wishing you all the best in 2008. :)

Anonymous said...

hi andy,

wld like to consult u...

ive a dress in this bright color

how do i put on natural makeup for daytime yet wont look pale when compared to this bright color of the dress.

likewise, what abt a dull color dress like this how to put on natural makeup w/o looking washed out.

thanks a million!

happy CNY!!

Anonymous said...

hi andy, forgot to tell u more abt myself before asking u on the 2 makeup tips.

im fair (but not v fair tt type). i want to look natural becos i realise putting on a lot of makeup actually makes me look so matured. im 32 btw :)

bb said...

hi andy, what do u think of these 2 products?

1) shiseido white lucent makeup base

is it suitable for my oily/combination skin?

2) cosme decorte AQ Pure Grace lipstick

it's with moisturising effect but it's quite ex. do u think it's worth it? can we just apply lip balm and then normal lipstick. does it work the same?


i've seen jacelyn tay in person. her eye lashes look so natural (lashes are not clumped). do u hv any idea what mascara she uses? or what do u recommend?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


For the bright red colour dress - If you want to have a more natural makeup look best to use earth tone eyeshadow or even very nude eye shadow if you've nice eyes. for cheek & lips you can apply colour more like a tint - "Benetint" from benefit will be quite natural.
As for the dull grey colour dress -You can apply the same makeup as above or if you like to try putting on a red lipstick will be quite nice!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi bb

1) shiseido white lucent makeup base
Yes! This products for all skin type.
2)Cosme decorte AQ products is a very prestige brand & good in quality...that's why their products are a bit on the higher price.
Ms Jacelyn Tay is using Maybelline Sky High Curves waterproof Mascara.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I have been watching Taiwan programs which teaches people how to put on make up. And in the program they mention '隔離霜', which I do not know which product they are referring to. Please enlighten me.


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Autumn

'隔離霜'is makeup base.Different brands come with different effect! Most of them are in creamy white or pearly colour tone but some with pink,peach,light green or light purple.
Most common one is the creamy white which is for all skin type.
Pearly type for brightening complexion, Pink for pale skin tone,Peach for tan skin tone,light green to cut down redness of skin,light purple for dull skin. But some times each brands of makeup base colour tone work differently,so best to check with the beauty consultant before you get it.

twopaws said...

Hi Andy
May I know is it really necessary for me to use a after-shave toner? Frenz ard me have advised me to use 1 as they said it is to eliminates skin's irritations/redness & swelling from the shaving. Is this true? Other than these, how does it helps skin by using a after-shave toner? Im about to buy 1 but dont know which to, so please advise.

Also, my sis is having eyeshadow problems. As she has oily/greasy eyelids, everytime whenever she apply e/s, after certain hours the e/s seems to smudge & sits into her eyelids. No matter whether it is powder or cream types its the same. So what should she do to avoid such from happening? Please advise as she is a working executive & needs your help soonest possible!!
Thanks & wishing you pink of health everyday!!!
bro & sis 74

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi bro & sis 74

I use to have skin's irritations/redness & swelling from the shaving as well. My advise is to use "Gillette Mach3" triple-blade as they've the lubricating strip on the blade to cut down the sensitiveness of shaving & 'Gillette" shaving gel for sensitive skin.I won't advise you to apply after shave lotion at this moment as most of this lotion come with lots of alchohol & fregrance which will irritate the skin more!!!You can get "Gillette" from most pharmancy.
For oily eye lid maybe she can try using some oil control skincare product before the makeup.Or the other way is to apply a oil control makeup base on the eyelid before she apply powder eyeshadow!

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