Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Zoe Tay's i-weekly cover shoot!

Remember when I did this photo shoot with "ah jie" that day! This is the first cover I've done her makeup since her second baby boy!! Always have fun working with her!


Adeline said...

Hi Andy

A very Happy New Year to you and hope you had a wonderful celebration thus far!

May i take this chance to ask you about eyeshadow as well. My skin is fair, sometimes even skewed towards being pale. I have always relied on pink base rouge and paster eye shadow to bring out my features and face colour. After reading your guide, I started trying other colours like warm browns or neutrals. While the eyes look accentuated, I actually very tired. Not sure what went wrong - colour selection, technique of blending or I am not suitable for this range of colours at all.

Please advise.... thanks a million in advance! ;-)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Adeline

Happy new year to you too!
I've not seen you in person as how you look with yr new colours makeup. But I guess the colours you've apply maybe too strong? As you mention that yr skin are fair... thus those brownise/warm colour that you select maybe too solid in tone! My suggestion is - try to select colours with more translucent type(Can be any colours but when apply on skin you still can see yr skin tone but yet the colours will appear very lightly under some lights). Also remember less is more!As all this colours suppose to enhance yr look but not out shine yr feature!If yr eyes look tired can it be you're not applying eye liner & mascara? The most important step on applying makeup is not so much of colours but to enhance the feature by using eye liner & mascara! Colours come second to me!!! Hope you understand what I mean? Take care & wishing you have a wonderful new year!

Adeline said...

Thank you so much for your prompt response and advise, Andy! Yes, I think the colours bought are too solid and I may have just applied a little too much as well. I did put in the eye liner but not mascara. I will lookout for the right colour type. I love your recent entry on the Shiseido Spring colours, so will look at this range and at Revlon for alternative as well. Will continue to try and experiment.

Look forward to chatting with you soon. Have a great weekend ahead!

*Bryan Gan* said...

Hi Andy heard alot about u.

I wonder if for photoshoot, slight foundation is needed for male.

I find that i have problem taking photo because i am not photogenic. Hope can learn from you one day.

I think this week Iweekly is cool the make up for zoe is really nice.

Happy new year.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Bryan

Happy new year to you too!
Thanks for yr comment!
If yr skin's not much of the problem best not to apply foundation when taking photo! In fact is also depend on the way the photography/lighting!But most of the time I'll just matte the guys face with just a bit of loose powder instead of foundation. Some times some concealer if they've dark circle/pigment/acne. Not so much of full foundation.

Anonymous said...


Happy belated new year to you!

I have enlarge pores and no matter what I used I can't seem to hide it. I tried several brands like chanel, anna sui, ett, clinq, maybelline, za, fasio, covermark. Even some sales girl telling me how good they can cover but no matter how I tried, I just can't cover them up.

And my face tend to get oily and my make up will look so cakey.

Do you think mineral make up will be better for me?

But does singapore sells mineral makeup? How much is the price range and does it cover pores too?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...


Not sure how worse yr problem is? Anyway there's mineral makeup selling in singapore but I've not really tried it!you can check them out at my older post

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Need your advice. My skin is sensitve & oily at the end of the day. Im wondering which loose powder is suitable for my skin type. & Im worried that some of products may clog pores.

Please advise what are the products I can use to anti-sebum, prevents clog pores & at the same time provides me a hydrated skin care.

Thanks a lot! ;)


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Vicky

For people with combination/oily skin can try "Ettusais" loose powder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, can u recommend a few affordable make up base for combination to oily skin. thanks!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

For affordable makeup base you can try some Japanese drug stores brands like "Sana Kabuki makeup base".Selling at John little Marina Sq.If I'm not wrong is around S$20 plus or less.

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