Tuesday, March 18, 2008

B.B. Cream from Korea!

Have just been interview by 晚報 about this new product call B.B. Cream! Most of the Korean brands are carrying it! B.B. creams, also known as Blemish Balm cream, is one of the latest & most successful breakthrough innovations in skincare & makeup. Originally created by German dermatologists as a healing treatment for post-laser surgery patients, the koreans have now developed it as a cosmetic necessity. It is said to reduce blemishes & skin imperfections while softening skin texture. Not only do BB Creams improve & brighten skin tone, it also increase skin regeneration, giving the face an air-brushed look.  Due to its dual-function as a skin-care treatment & daily-wear foundation, the popularity of BB creams has rocketed, selling-out in Korea almost instantly. 
Different Korean brands carry different types of B.B. cream. Some are for all skin type, some have oil control effect,some come with SPF, some doesn't! But most of them have soothing function for the skin. Have tested a few brands but personally I feel that some of it is a bit harder to blend well, & also color tone may not be suitable for everyone. Is a bit like makeup base/tinted moisturizer/ translucent liquid foundation. Do check it out from the counter sales girl to test it before you get one!


Anonymous said...

is i were to laser off my scars, will i need to keep going for the treatments? and rougly how much wil it cost for one time? and how many times do i need to go? is there any place that you can recommend?

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

You have to let the doctor who's going to do your treatment to check it out! Not sure how much & how long it all depend on how deep & bad is the scars? You can check with www.tlclifestyle.com

Adeline said...

Hi Andy!

Guess what? I was running errands today at PS and actually chanced upon your live demo on make up.Glad to have that wonderful opportunity to learn from you and your tips are really useful and they sort of gave me further insights into your book and video guide. Unfortunately I could not come forth to say allo as I had to run off at 2.00pm. Hopefully I can catch up with you at some other viable event. Have a fabulous weekend, take care and keep your radiant smile!

Anonymous said...

Hi, any brand recommendation for the BB Cream???

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Thanks Adeline! Take care! :)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

BB cream from different brands come with different texture! But most of them are for all skin type, yet I feel that is quite personal as if you like them lighter which not much coverage or thicker with better coverage yet maybe not too natural. So far the brand that I like is "skinfood" & "Missha". You really have to try it your self at the counter as I said is more like personal liking!

Anonymous said...

if people who have pimpleswhile having a sensitive skins, is it good to use "skinfood" & "Missha". ?
whee can we get it in singapore?

girl said...

hi andy,
today read the newspaper and saw the article of yours regarding b.b cream.

what are the steps do we need to do before putting make-up??

such as putting protective moisturizer first or b.b cream?

after putting b.b cream,is there a need to put make up base cream. or just apply foundation?

can you tell me all the steps?

kinda confused.
my skins isnt that good since young.. having pimple problem.
do seldom makeup too.
but if there's occasion that i need to attend i will still put makeup but end up more pimple pop out! perhaps is there a possible that never clean properly?
i was using "simple" cleansing facial wipes".

do you have any makeup product can recommend?
like laneige's snow crystal??

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

If you've pimples & sensitive skin best try not to use any makeup products... B.B cream is more like a gentle form of makeup product. You'll have to find out what's the cause of your pimples & sensitive problem first? Is it due to didn't do the cleansing correctly? or diet problem? Stress problem?? Toxin inside body will also have all this problem!
B.B cream is like a makeup base plus a tinted foundation as the coverage is not as better as foundation. So you still have to use skin care, sun block(if the B.B cream you choose don't have SPF), follow by B.B cream.No need makeup base & foundation if you are happy with the result of applying BB cream.If not than you may want to top on with foundation after BB cream.
They've "skinfood"counter in Isetan parkway & for "Missha" have stores in Bugis Junction if I'm not wrong.

ah girl said...

paiseh. should be this website

ah girl said...

well, part of it is tonix in body and stress problem.
but majority is pores that cause me pimples.

do you have any toner that can be recommand to solve this problem?

i had used before ginvera green tea toner but end up even more worsed than before.


well. now im using "E.EXCEL ELEMENT" PRODUCT.
facial wash , revitalizing purifying masque and protective moisturizer.

there's no toner.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear ah girl

I've nor heard about this products so I'm not sure is it good for yr skin? Anyway have look into the link you send me - the Oxygiberry Essence Hydrating Serum is their toner! But as I say I don't really know what's the major ingredients so if you want better check it out before you get one.
Normally you can't just use cleansing wipes to remove makeup! You should use cleansing milk/oil- cleansing lotion-cleansing foam.

Anonymous said...

dear Andy,

from what i have read in the net, bb cream are meant for women who has gone through laser. it is somehow a after laser product. i do not undergo laser product, can i use. i have oily skin external and internal dry, sensitive, what do you recommend for bb cream. i am dark in nature. what brand of two way cake do u recommend, i use entia- korea for many years and recently they stopped in production, i use MAC, the coverage is not there. give me your professional suggest

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