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Tailored solution works like a precise prescription to tackle unique spots and pigmentation problems


Singapore, 23 January 2008 – Leading prestige skincare brand, SK-II, has once again broken new ground in whitening with the launch of Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask and Whitening Source Derm-Renewal Essence – two new additions to SK-II’s breakthrough Whitening Source Derm Boutique.  This completes the Whitening Source Derm Boutique, designed to address each woman’s unique spots and pigmentation problems.

Born from every woman’s uniqueness

Spots are almost as unique to each woman as her own DNA.  The condition of dark spots in every woman’s skin is different because of the unique combination of her own genetic background as well as environmental and lifestyle factors that affect her skin. 

Through a deep understanding of the wide-ranging pigmentation problems faced by women around the world, SK-II has now found a way to help women achieve crystal clear skin by helping them pinpoint their specific pigmentation problems and then tailoring a regimen to suit their unique needs.

Tailored for every woman’s needs based on new insights

The visibility of a spot is determined by the contrast between the skin’s basal tone and the color of the spot.  Spots become more visible when the skin’s vertical release of excess pigmentation is disrupted, causing the accumulation of dark spots in the vertical skin layers.  The skin’s basal tone, on the other hand, is determined by the skin’s horizontal release of excess pigmentation.  When this process is disrupted, dark spots accumulate in the surface layer, causing unevenness and dullness in the skin tone.  Genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors work together, influencing the melanin vertical and horizontal release processes of every woman’s skin to different extents. 

Based on these findings, SK-II scientists have discovered that women’s pigmentation problems can be categorized into four segments: low spot contrast on fair skin, high spot contrast on fair skin, low spot contrast on darker toned skin and high spot contrast on darker toned skin.  By assessing a woman’s skin tone and spots contrast, and identifying which segment her problems fall into, SK-II can help women tailor solutions for their specific pigmentation problems with its Whitening Source Derm boutique.  

SK-II Whitening Source Derm boutique is an expert whitening range that helps women to customize a whitening regimen suited for their unique spots and tone issues. Consisting of four specialist formulas, each of these is combined differently within a tailored whitening regimen that promotes horizontal and vertical release of excess pigmentation, enabling each woman to achieve optimal whitening results.

POWERFUL Whitening Source DermDefinition: This beauty essence is an expert for spots reduction and overall tone improvement.  The formation of spots involves four stages – the activation of dark spot-producing melanocytes, dark spot production by melanocytes, dark spot transfer from melanocytes to skin cells (keratinocytes), and slowing down of skin turnover. Whitening Source DermDefinition targets stubborn spots and promotes overall tone improvement with Derm Complex, an advanced whitening compound that helps restore the skin’s natural fairness and radiance.  The optimized water balance in this gel-like formula ensures maximum absorption and targeted delivery of whitening actives to the skin.

NEW Whitening Source Derm-Renewal Essence:  This is specially designed to address skin tone issues, working to restore the skin’s turnover with a gentle yet effective exfoliating action to accelerate the release of excess pigmentation, enhancing the skin’s radiance and translucency.  It also enhances spots reduction care and provides effective moisturisation to balance skin exfoliation, thus improving the skin’s overall texture.

NEW Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask: This newly formulated gel-type essence works together with the stretchable mask material to enhance delivery and penetration of whitening actives.  Providing higher and longer active penetration of up to eight hours, it ensures that whitening actives continue to work on the skin long after the mask has been removed, leaving an invisible mask layer.  Within a six-day daily regimen, Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask significantly helps reduce the contrast of spots and brightens the skin tone, working on both the skin’s vertical and horizontal release of excess pigmentation to help reveal the skin’s natural crystal clarity.

Whitening Source Derm Brightener: Addressing skin tone issues through its unique formulation containing DMT Blocker and Vitamin C, Whitening Source Derm Brightener combats the damage caused by oxidants in the environment and helps restore the skin’s moisture levels. 

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