Friday, September 5, 2008

La Mer - Gel De La Mer - the moisturizing gel cream!

Finally receieved this long waited skin care product!
Heard so much about it but only get to really try it on my face when I receieved last week. Feeling great & really well moitsurizing yet non oily! Love it!

This high-tech, ultralight edition of the original Crème de la Mer instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin, leaving a supremely soft finish. Its gel-like texture is ideal for warmer weather and times when a true cream just might be too rich.

At its heart is the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™ created by Dr. Huber that has become renowned for its healing abilities. True to Huber's coveted formula, Crème de la Mer's exclusive Lime Tea is also utilized in its original concentration. Created through the time-intensive process of extraction, Lime Tea is an exceptionally powerful anti-oxidant. Helping protect against a wide range of external insults, it gives skin the ability to focus energy on repair.

Created with La Mer's proprietary sea kelp, a natural humectant, The Moisturizing Gel Cream deeply moisturizes while maintaining an airlight feel on the skin, encouraging it to look and feel renewed, hydrated and conditioned.


Anonymous said...

heheheh its SUPER EXPENSIVE too~ =0)

Winnie said...

Andy I'm super sad leh. My complexion has been good since young but however since last year my right chin to cheeks area start to have break outs. Alot of small looking pimples with no "heads" and leaving alot of scars on my fair complexion. Super duper sad. :(

I tot of buying this gel cream too since it's more for asian countries. So is this the best moisturizer you have come across? In you own opinion, do you think it's worth the price? S$400 plus??

Super duper sad

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear Winnie

Is best you go & let a skin doctor/Asethetican check what's wrong with your skin first? Best not to use any thing before you know the cause of your skin problem. Wish you all the best dear!

*ps* You can look for Dr Georgia Lee my skin doctor! She's very good & nice in person as well. I think she'll be able to help you! You can find her website at my blog link. :) Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

May I know how Dr Georgia Lee charge ?

Anonymous said...

hey andy,

im quite clueless about lip make up! my lips are quite thick.. and i always afraid ppl might focus on my lips..
do u have any idea how to make the lipstick stay longer? like maybe aound 12hrs?
do u think nude colour will suit thick lips?i intend to get one from mac soon.

Anonymous said...

hi andy..

is la mer eye cream good?

cos i have very serious dark ring..

and any idea on the pricin..


btw.. do u have any idea if chemical peeling is good for removing superficial scars??



Winnie said...

Everyone knows Dr Georgia. Are her services very expensive?

I cant resist doing nothing to my face.
Squeezing and applying mask is part of my daily routine now hoping the skin will become better.

Well..i guess i must control my bad habits now.

Thanks Andy. I'll looking into her link.


pink said...

hi andy,

normally exfoliator when should it be apply?? after cleansing or after toner??

any exfoliator can recommand?

i bought this SKII facial treatment essence.

what i know is first is cleansing ,follow by toner, essence, moisturizer.

so what i do is morning , cleansing ,toner, essence, moisturizer ..then, i put my make up..
is that a right way?

if at night , i apply essence already, is it needed to put moisturizer??

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Pink

Yes! You do need moisturizer at night as well.
As for exfoliator- it really depend on what brands? Best to check before you buy it. Most of them have it for different type of skin used & different way of using as well.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Joey

So far I've only tried La mer-the eye concentrate which I found quite good. I think the price is about $200+.
For scars best to check with the skin doctors. Thanks

Winnie said...

I tried this gel cream le.!! It doesnt have the oily feeling like some otjer brands and I like it alot however...i feel it's over priced.

Will continue to apply and see if there will be any difference with my complexion. :)

pearl said...

Hi andy,

sorry! i feel this post is kinda random but i cant help myself..i have to ask an expert!! =) im pretty prone to clog whiteheads and stuff... but i was thinking of getting a really good foundation (2way cake type)..but of course..they say 2 way cakes are real bad for skin...they make you have clog pores..stuff like that true?? could you recommend me a particular foundation that provides a dewy smooth finish but will not give me problems like clog pores, whiteheads, pimples..because im really very fair..the usual foundation tends to turn out like a mask for me after it a yelllow mask!! sorry for the long text!!! thank you so much andy!!!

P.s do you happen to know of any pdts that you've tried that takes away all that whitehead..sorry im too naggyyy =)

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Pearl

Regarding your request about clog pore-
There's no way if you've such problem & yet thinking of using any foundations that won't clog pore. In fact you should look into taking care of this problem first instead of hiding it with foundations. Maybe is best to check with a skin doctor first, there's this gel that i've tried prescripe by skin docotr- Diffirin that'll help to reduce white/black heads problem..

pearl said...

yeah..i'm aware of that too...i wished i dont have to put make up as well but my job requires me too =( so i thought probably..out of all the foundations...i could just probably find like one to put on..although i know its bad!!! Thanks for your advice too!!! =) yeah i know that gel..its diffirin adapalene gel yeah? will go to a doctor soon to get that..Thank you so so much =) have a good day ahead!!

missy q said...

Hi Andy,

Do u know where can i get the BB cream from (at singapore)? And which brand is good?


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Dear Miss Q

You can look for most Korean cosmetics brands! Most of them do carried BB cream. eg. The Face shop, Missha, Beauty Credits. They've it for different skin type so depend on what's yr skin type to choose from?

Shirley Ho said...

hi andy, i got combination and sensitive skin type, can i know which brand of skincare more suitable? Laniege (heard there's a mild sensitive range)? Neutrogena? Shiseido? i have been using Shiseido and sometimes switch to Neutrogena. thanks a lot!

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Shirley

Shieseido's quite good but I've not tried Neutrogena so can't really advise you. The other brand will be Ipsa.

Shirley Ho said...

thanks andy.
i am thinking of using essence, any brand to recommend for my skin type? essence is use after toner and before moisturizer, rite? if i am not wrong, it is to boost the moisturizer? i no use essence before.

andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Shirley

I'm not sure what's your skin problem?(Sensitive skin can be many things!!!) Maybe you can try to go Shiseido or Ipsa counter to check your skin first? They've those skin analyzer that can help you check what's wrong on your skin.

Anonymous said...

hey andy,
i bought a lotree bb cream and was wondering if it is too rich for my skin? i am 22 years old, no wrinkles or lines yet. my skin is relatively good but occasionally i have slight breakouts, and its oily on the inside but dry on the outside. please advise me! thank you!


andylee makeup artist from singapore said...

Hi Jermaine

BB cream is for all skin type so should be ok as long as you don't applt too much! And also remember to cleanse it of til the end of the day!

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