Friday, February 20, 2009

Anosa Magic lash Essence

Anosa Magic lash Essence Price: S$19.90 selling at "Stardust- John Little"Plaza Singapore.
Frequent use of fake eyelashes oftens requires some forceful actions to remove. Such actions will cause lashes to be damaged, broken or fall. A new strand of eye lash takes as long as 3 months to a year to grow.
Taking care of your eye lashes daily by applying Anosa lash essence day and night can ensure a healthy and fast lash growth and giving you strong and dark lashes in no time. Vitamin B3, B5 & E enhances hair growth, nourish hair roots and strengthens hair texture to prevent hair loss and breakage.It's unique applicator brush design allows you to apply the essence as a base coat before applying mascara. During normal days, apply it as a nourishing essence to strengthen and lengthen your lashes giving you fuller bouncier lashes.
Usage: Apply directly onto top and bottom eye lashes. Apply 2 – 3 coats for maximum effects. Unique brush head allows you to use it as an invisible base coat.

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