Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taxi London cosmetics!

Introducing Taxi London, a new UK brand taking the capital by storm with their new multifunctional must have make up range. Taxi London is fun, fresh, portable and different!
Designed and developed in the UK, Taxi London has created a mouthwatering range of cosmetics with quality formulations and unique packaging.
Inspired by the swinging 60's, Taxi London is ‘make up on the move’. The range is aimed at fitting in with your fast paced, hectic lifestyle and has simple combinations of quality products and ingenious packaging to help you speed up your beauty routine.
With shades named after London destinations, there’s something for everyone… Check out ‘passsengers’ our ultra-portable click together range.
You can see get these products at "Stardust-John Little"Plaza Singapore. Or view their website for more information:http://www.taxicosmetics.com


MeLLonHeAd said...

Wow, their lipgloss tubes look like Sally Hansen's Glamlips lipgloss!!
Including the mirror at the back.

Anonymous said...

Look alike yes, but with a wider color selection! ;)

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